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BBC Launch

  • 20-03-2001 4:24pm
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    Clancy's in Limerick Said that they are told that they can start selling BBC on sky from tomorrow April 21 .


  • Come on folks, does anyone really know when this is going to happen ? It seems that everyone is just throwing dates about the place at the moment.

  • Were Clancy's told if BBC would be on the Family Pack or Sky World?

  • i wonder how sure are those ppl in limerick, ask them will they do a free install if they are wrong <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->

  • This morning a salesman told my friend that he had recieved a letter from sky saying that they could sell BBC/Channel 4 from tomorrow.

    To double check I went to the shop and asked him myself and he confirmed it . He said it would be on the Family pack at no extra cost.

    I understand that the deflectors are supposed to pay IMRO about £5 a subscriber a quarter for the rights of 4 channels , and imro pass this money onto the british channels.

    Also chorus would not pay MTV 80p a year to carry their channel on cable. So on these figures BBC rights would be fairly small.

  • Well, April 1st, march 19th, and now tomorrow.
    I phoned Clancys in Limerick after reading the forum, and guess what I was told???? BBC will be available in two or three weeks!!!!!
    Conflicting stories again folks......

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  • Hi Guys, I have been watching this thread for the last week, and eventually I got registered!! I do subscribe to Sky Digital (Sky World) I was so hoping to see the BBC channels appear this weekend but it does not surprise me that it didn't yesterday.
    People were expecting things too quickly, and if it was a soft launch, it would only appear if you manually added the channels, i.e. I was not expecting BBC to appear before an official announcement, but the "engineering tests" would take place before they come onto the EPG at channels 101 , 102, 507 etc.
    A few months ago, on another forum, there was talk of the BBC having to move transponder, as Sky/Astra had wanted the transponder. In doing this, the BBC would have to give up the encryption they currently enjoy and let it be available FTA. If the time is now that they are moving transponder, and that we dont need a separate viewing card, my hunch (no more than a hunch, tho!) is that they are broadcasting on a different transponder on a different freq. All we need to know then is the freq, FEC and polarization.

    Here's hoping by the time I return home again next weekend, we all will be very happy.

    Damien Cahill.

  • What is IMRO???
    irish music recording organization or what??

  • While everybody is busy throwing dates around like they were going out of fashion, has anyone thought about what may be the most important development for Sky Digital in Ireland ? S4C !!

    Imagine the joy of seeing Pobol Y Cwm in glorious digital. Imagine how much closer your life would be to completion if you could listen to the Welsh language 12 hours a day in crystal clear stereo (there's lovely for you). Watch the Sky subscriptions rise as Irish people finally have their dream come true - a chance to see Planed Plant.

    So come on everybody - forget BBC Choice/Channel 5 etc. - start an e-mail campaign to get S4C in Ireland.

    As for me, I'm Dai-ing for it !!

  • The IMRO is the Irish Music Rights Organisation and is a clearing house for musical rights in Ireland. Anyone performing copyrighted music in public must (technically speaking) pay it for the rights.

    I would guess cable companies would have to pay it to relay MTV and other channels.

    AFAIK the block royalty payment of £8 per subscriber per annum goes directly to the BBC, the ITV Network Centre, and Channel 4 though. I guess this £8 is what they will be looking for off Sky too.

    Please could people pay attention to the libel laws when they post, or I will have to start deleting or editing them. Thank you.

  • i would love to have S4C in digital for the rugby every week. it is out of pure desperation that i watch them through the aerial(ok picture one week, brutal the next). they told me to contact them again in May so hopefully i can get it then. it will be a nice birthday present if they give it to me

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  • Clancys were told that from tomorrow that they can sell BBC on Sky? What does that mean? Does that mean that they are allowed to tell people that bbc will definitely be on or does it mean BBC will BE ON sky tomorrow? And April21? I assume u mean March21 <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> Hopefully tho it will be on the Family Pack coz i had a fear that they may have become Premium channels like MUTV, Film4, etc at £6 per month. NE way, spose all we can do is wait. I emailed the UK terr channels and only BBC had the decency to reply even if it was just a transcipt. C4 and C5 didn't bother replying. <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START >: --><img src="../" ALT=" OLDREF="">:"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->
    To my knowledge, we weren't told @ where i work to sell BBC on Sky tomorrow. Will find out off the 'boss' tomorrow about this. And about rick-wain, i emailed him last nite and got a reply to give him a fone no so he can ring me about his BBC offer!! Dunno if it's worth the bother now

  • Folks.. before you all go throwing money at some will o' the wisp just think it through... surely you have at least 1 cousin/friend in the UK who doesn't have Sky and can ring up and get a card for you for nothing (as long as they pay their licence fee and have your serial number) ? Then its just a trivial matter to ring BBC when your buddy sends you the card to activate it.. no funny questions or anything like that (though I did have the situation whereby the guy in BBc activating my card had gone to school down the road from where I was supposedly living.....)

  • Would it not be hard to get a card if when u give ur serial number. sky know that ur receiver is in IRL unless u get a bbc card b4 ur sky card is activated. i dunno. i would like more info on rick wain like how much the card is? Also, will C4 and C5 be available with BBC when they do come on. Maybe that's the hold-up. I know BBC have agreed but I know nowt about c4 and c5

  • I called Flor Griffin's today 021-4277088(one of the biggest TV retailers in Munster), and they said BBC1, BBC2, BBC Choice, BBC Knowledge and News 24 would be available on April 1st.
    There was also an ad on 96FM last night saying 'Sky Digital - now available with BBC'.
    So something must be happening - right??

  • hi
    12pm wed 21/03
    channel 4 are transmitting a film (without sound)in the clear,on 12.168 v add F4e 27.500 5/6

  • BBC 1 Northern Ireland is now working, no other BBC is though <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->

  • Is BBC NI available on Channel 101 or is it necessary to tune it in manually ???

  • Hi Mossy,

    I checked all the channels a small while ago and didn't get anything. Can you give us the frequency details please ???

    The only thing that came through was the soundless film on F4e as mentioned above.