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What do you think of the New "Music Choice"

  • 20-03-2001 7:01pm
    Registered Users Posts: 166,039 ✭✭✭✭ LegacyUser

    Looking through the new Music Choice format this afternoon, I have to say I quiet like it. Its nice to have a seperate EPG for the nusic listings.
    What are your opinions???????


  • Yeah - I like it. Colourful and easy to use.

    I can live with the little extra time it takes to load.

  • i dont like it, what channels do i get for free. i go to a channel and then i am told i have to pay for it. i thought it was the 10 free ones on 480 and the subscription ones on 481. they have mixed them all in. it is pleasing on the eye but they should have kept free and subscription seperate

  • Tis an impressive improvement! To answer MossyMonk, to flick thru the 10 free ones, just press UP/DOWN arrows on your R/C. I also like the option to press in numbers for each ch. like the sky EPG (eg press 1 for Hitlist, 20 for Dance, etc)Plus it tells u what progs are coming up (eg Dance said new releases from 7pm). I wish they could do something with the Radio Channels now. Why do they all have a blue background? At the very least they should stick their logos in the background! Anything but the blue!

  • Agree with IrishBlimp. It would be nice if the radio stations had their logo on screen.
    Yes I do agree that the Radio services should be sorted out. Its annoying to find every other station being a religion station. UCB must have as many epg numbers as the Sky television network itself!!!!

  • with the radio stations it is very easy, channel 921 or channel 952

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