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Re: Re Tony & his posting/the watcher

  • 14-03-2001 8:06pm
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    Well I had thought this was a civilised forum where people of sincere views could exchange just that. I note that you dont have the courage to even register for this forum. You may well be watching Tara in Spain but this does not alter the fact that the transponder was changed. Is your vocabulary so limited that you have to resort to profanity. I am reporting information as given to me by the general sales manager for the republic of Ireland if you disagree fine I can respect that but resorting to personal insults is unacceptable. I shall expect an apology from you but perhaps you are not mature enough for this. I have no wish to drag the list into a personal slanging match so I will not respond further to any of your posts.

    Regards Tony Moore Irelands Satellite Specialists


  • Mind your language everybody - I'll have to start deleting posts if it gets any worse. This is meant to be a civilised forum.

  • If the BBC is to launch on SKY Digital for ROI viewers, why all the secrecy? If a deal was close, or even signed off, I would think that Sky would be using it to sell more Minidishes here. I know a lot of people who have held off buying one because of the lack of UK terrestrial channels on it.

  • Excellent comment Tom!!
    RTE have just bought the rights to Eastenders do you think they would have done this if BBC was going to launch direct to home. I don't think so. Do you think BBC would have sold RTE the rights to Eastenders if they knew they were going to launch in Ireland and face a legal battle on copyrights. I don't think so.
    As I keep saying NO BBC direct to home satellite service in the south of Ireland for a long time if ever.

  • Unfortunately I have no contacts in the Sky Digital installation business and I certainly don't want to cast doubt on the motives of genuine posters to this board, but it has occurred to me that many of the recent rumours of the Beeb coming onto Sky have come from the very people who would have most to gain from these rumours being spread. Businessmen generally tell people what they want to hear about the product they're selling, and the main thing that people thinking of getting Sky Digital want to hear at the moment is that the British terrestrials will be available on the platform. Most people are tired of the antiquated and limited services provided by the Irish cable companies, and would happily switch to Sky Digital in a flash if the Beebs and C4/5 were on it, so it would make sense that the people selling it will want people to believe that the full range of British channels will be available.

    I hope this doesn't upset the many people posting with the latest information on this issue, but I feel it is a valid point to make.

    On a lighter note, maybe we should try varying our topics on this forum, and in that spirit - please see my posting on the new Wellbeing channel.

  • I understand your point Charles, But if you think about it Tony could have just as easy have pretended that he is an ordinary joe soap, and not a satellite installer.
    There are other sky installers on this forum, IrishBlimp to name another, and both of them were honest enough to admit they were in the Satellite industry.
    People on this board already have "Sky Digital" and to be honest I cannot see very many people buying a box today just in case the Beeb comes on next Monday!!!
    Tony's comments are most welcome on this forum, and to answer your question about Tara being viewed in Spain last week, I "may" have the answer.
    Tara has changed frequency, as has Hallmark and I have been reading other Sky Forums (which deal with issues like Sky Digital Boxes in Spain for British ex-pats) and several contributors to the forum wrote that they had lost these channels. Others didnt, and the "Technical" administrator informed the forum that certain digiboxes can receive signals from "northBeam" etc. to be honest it was a little over my head but the general assumption was that a Pace digibox could receive tara/hallmark etc in Spain and an Amstrad box couldnt. Thats my contribution and I think that your comments that people are going to buy Sky digiboxes because of a "Rumour" are not fair. Tony is sharing the Information that he received, and he didnt have to.

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  • hello me again <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> now, this rumour has been floating around for some time. FACT: <!--EZCODE UNDERLINE START--><u>SKY</u><!--EZCODE UNDERLINE END--> have told us to expect <!--EZCODE UNDERLINE START--><u>BBC</u><!--EZCODE UNDERLINE END--> TV in next few weeks and will announce it next week. FACT: A satellite equipment rep (electro+) called today and said that BBC will be on next week. And also that C4 and C5 will not be available initially but sky are in negotiations with them. whether or not electroplus or sky themselves are talking crap, i dunno. BTW, why would i say these things for personal gain? it would not benefit me in any way except for personal pleasure. NE way, i have to say it's amazing the amount of posts there have been today over the issue. what a lively forum this is turning out to be. <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->

  • Of course I don't doubt the integrity of Tony and the other people posting on this forum, but I think the point was worth making (from a general "industry" slant).

    No offence meant to anyone, and I must agree with irishblimp - this has become a very lively forum. Let's keep it friendly and informative.

  • yeah, lets keep it friendly & informative. i have to admit it seems kinda too-good-2-b-true but that's what <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> SKY<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> said. It will only involve <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> BBC1<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->, <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> BBC2<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->, <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> BBC Choice<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->, <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> BBC knowledge<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> and <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> BBC News24<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->. Still wrangling over negotiations over <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> C4<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> & <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> C5<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> (you'd think the commercial channels would jump @ the opportunity). Personally i would like to have <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> C4<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> and <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> C5<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> too (bit greedy) but i reckon when <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> BBC<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> is available to ROI, it won't be too long b4 the others follow suit. tis amazing to see <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> ITV<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> agreeing terms with SES(astra) to transmit their channels. Maybe we will get <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> ITV<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> too! I'm jumping the gun a wee bit there but still, no harm in looking ahead. <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->

  • Yes, an excellent forum, and I have said it before and I say it again, ICDG has done an excellent job on the entire site!!!!! Well done ICDG in keeping us informed.
    However i did notice that the administrator of the board had to "Edit" a posting which I assume contained personal attacks on another contributor to this forum. Sad that someone would resort to this kind of behaviour. My Mum always said "never write what you would'nt say"...
    I Hope that BBC comes on Sky soon as with my work commitments I will be going abroad for the next eight months beginning April 10th and want to see it happen before I go.
    I am sure however, I can find an internet kiosk somewhere and look in this forum to keep me updated!!!!!

  • Charles point is a valid one to make and I'm certainly not offended by it. From my own point of view I have always shyed away from the bbc issue as a selling point as I feel it would be misleading to sell sky digital on that basis. Tanya you are cetainly right about the difference in boxes the amstrad does have a slighly underperforming tuner which shows up on weaker transponders. The tara problem was reported in Northern Europe from people using Pace boxes so I think the transponder switch may have impacted the North more than the south of Europe although I'm open to correction on this. I guess we'll just have to wait a few weeks to find out about BBC

    Regards Tony

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  • It would be in skys interest to let british terrestrial on here for FREE.If it was free here sky would proabably sink NTL.Think about it.Why pay something like £45 a month for sky sports on ntl when you could get it for £32 on sky as well as about 100 extra channels.

  • i don't think it would be possible for UK terr channels to be free on SkyDigital (Ireland) because of licence fees. If BBC was to be free in IRL, then we would have to pay the BBC licence fee. Personally, I wouldn't mind if the UK terrestrials were on the Family Pack (£16) and I would imagine nor would anyone else because most ppl would have at least the Family Pack. <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> Does anyone actually get the Value Pack (£9)????<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->. Does anyone have anymore updates on the BBC to SKY IRL? BTW, Happy Paddies Day y'all <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src="../" ALT=":)" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->

  • You got to hand to this guy in Cork, Ken Hurley, still no sign of BBC in Ireland and what is this guy doing today? In Dunnes Stores Shopping centre in Wilton now telling people that ITV is now coming on in Ireland along with BBC on Sky Digital, has this guy got inside info that no one else has? ITV have not even agreed with Sky that they will join them? BTW this is the same that is guaranteeing BBC on next Monday on SKY in Ireland. Let's wait and see. His sales must be very slow that he has to make up these stories. If anybody knows him tell him to tell people that the £50 offer is coming to an end and the system will again cost over £300 this should sell a few systems for him.

    Happy Paddies' Day.

  • I can undersatand your annoyance at this guys tactics in misrepreenting the current situation but naming him may not be a wise thing to do as you leave yourself open to legal action. I do agree with you though that this kind of sales tactic is reprehensible. If the bbc situation does change in the near future surely a few weeks is not too long to wait for confirmation ie actual epg listings. I remeber a pirate card dealer in the analogue telling all and sundry that bbc was on the way he is now accomodated at her majestys pleasure god love him.

    regards Tony

  • Nameing this guy is not underhanded. His company has a stand telling people this in the DUNNES STORES shopping center in Bishopstown Cork.

  • I imagine the only people subscribing to value pack are Asians and Africans who just want MBI and the asian channels.

  • Gopher: The valus pack is actually cheaper than any suscription to the Asian stations.
    For example, Star News and Star Plus have recently been scrambled, and those two stations alone cost sixteen pounds sterling per month. Not to mention the Zee television stations.
    As for MBI...well thats been off the EPG for about a week now!!

  • But there are still some FTA stations like Bangla TV,PCNE,Lashkara[although i saw an ad on it yesterday saying it was soon encrypting]Asia one,Channel East,Anjuman,
    Gujari,CEE,etc.And MBI[if it ever returns].

  • You misunderstand I did not say it was underhanded I just thought you mightleave yourself open to libel action however if he has a stand saying BBc/itv is available then theres no problem for you. Mr. Hurley though may very well have difficulties with the director of consumer affairs if he selling product based on false information, hes on shaky ground morally at the very least. My apologies if my post caused any bad feeling.