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ITV on Eurobird

  • 10-02-2001 10:41pm
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    There is a rumour on media uk that ITV and ITV2 are to launch on new satellite Eurobird.The sattelite should be available to most people with a dish pointed at 28.2.Eurobird will be at 28.5.Perhaps on this satellite we will get the european channels that we were used to on sky analogue.All I know is that euronews will be on eurobird.Launch date around May.


  • Sounds quite plausible alright. The only issue would be how to postcode block the services unless Sky's Videoguard encryption was used and of course Sky have the proprietary rights to Videoguard....

    What would be better in my opinion would be to broadcast each ITV company Free to Air and allow the consumer to choose which ITV to watch. But that would be too democratic for ITV.

  • I think that UTV would be happy to send their signals to the Republic, at the expence of TV3.
    According to MediaUK, this is ONLY a rumour and is not based on fact. It would be nice to get other stations just like the old Sky Analogue.

  • As we should all know now, ITV will not be on Eurobird. It will use 3 trasponders on Astra 2D. I wonder if we in IRL will ever get ITV on our Sky systems?