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ITV On Sky

  • 14-03-2001 4:07pm
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    Three ASTRA 2D transponders at 28.2° East to provide 16 regional ITV services in digital
    Société Européenne des Satellites (SES) is delighted to announce it has reached a 10 year capacity agreement with the UK's ITV Network Ltd. for three transponders on ASTRA 2D at 28.2° East to digitally broadcast the ITV services to the UK.

    ITV is planning to broadcast 16 regional services on satellite, comprising the 14 ITV regions and separate services for HTV Wales and HTV West, and Border Scotland and Border England. The services are expected to begin transmitting via ASTRA before the end of the year. The agreement also includes options for ITV to secure additional ASTRA capacity in the future if needed for other ITV services.

    Commenting on the agreement, Yves Elsen, Commercial and Marketing Director of SES, stated: "This is exciting news for the 4.7 million ASTRA digital satellite homes in the UK. Given ITV's emphasis on regional programming, this decision to launch on ASTRA highlights the important role satellite can play in delivering local as well as pan-European services. We believe that ITV's programming pedigree will further accelerate the demand for digital satellite services in Britain."

    Kate Stross, ITV Finance and Development Director, said: "We are delighted to have concluded this agreement with SES. This is an important first step towards ITV broadcasting on satellite."

    The SES Satellite Monitor, conducted by Continental Research at the end of 2000, recorded an amazing increase of 2.5 million new digital satellite homes in the UK during the year. This strong growth means that nearly one in five UK households - 19% - now receives digital satellite services from ASTRA.


  • From The The Guardian

    ITV and BSkyB are settling their differences over the network's absence from the Sky Digital platform.
    ITV announced yesterday a deal to secure capacity on the Astra satellite network which is likely to presage its appearance on Sky Digital by the end of the year. One ITV insider said there was a "willingness on both sides" to agree a conditional access deal with Sky.

    ITV is taking enough capacity on the satellite - launched on the Ariane rocket last December - to allow it to broadcast 16 regional services as well as its planned "family of channels".

    Sky Digital subscribers should also be able to receive ITV2 by the end of the year, followed by other themed channels, the first two specialising in sport and children's entertainment.

    Until now ITV has argued that BSkyB charged too much for access to the Sky platform. It recently disclosed that the satellite broadcaster would charge the network £20m a year to appear on Sky Digital.

    Both sides privately admit that it would be in their mutual interests to agree a deal. Advertisers have pressed the network to appear on the platform, which is in 4.7m homes. At present Sky Digital viewers need to switch out of their digital platform and on to analogue to watch ITV. The network is also not listed on the Sky electronic programme guide.