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Dungarvan Dictionary!

  • 30-12-2002 5:27pm
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    she's a very nice looking girl = ah she's some beyore (beure) buoy

    hello girls = well beures

    You can't just use the fella for his car = you can't just use him for an oul burn

    that girl looks awful = staysh (state) a de beure buoy

    turn up the volume please = turn up de tunes dere buoy

    you are a very sly person = you proper shnake (snake) buoy

    who does that bike belong to? = who hownds de máchíne?

    Would you have sex with me = you up for de feek

    are you having sex with her = you feekin her

    could i have a pull of your cigarette = gimme a shmoke a dat will ya

    are you going drinking tonight = you goin on de gat tonight buoy/you goin ishkin (uiscin) tonight buoy

    come here for a moment = here come ere till i tell ya

    have you any news = any sca no?

    i was really drunk = i was bombed out buoy/ i was in de livin rats / i was very gatty/gammy

    he is a very good looking boy = he's some feek buoy

    we were dancing for ages on the dancefloor last night = jesus we were goin for death on de floor last night

    will we go down town and see if there are any nice looking girls/boys around = come on till we go down 'n spot de talent

    the guards = de shayds (séads)

    i'm a bit low on cash = i'm broke

    oh **** =aw sham

    this is brilliant = dis's deadly buoy

    he's a phsycopath = he's a phsyco him

    thanks = sound

    caught in the act = cott up by de bollocks

    thats very nice lads, look at that = aw sudden death buoys look at dat

    he's cool = he's a rough wan/he's a rough lookin filly

    slying off = shnakin off

    he's one in a million = he's a rare oul feen

    oh cool = aw stop de lights buoy

    go on Dungarvan! = **** Abbeyside

    (Mary) is financially challenged = look at mary 'n she like a pauper

    Jesus! = oh my god lock (like))

    he's freaky = he's a pure out 'n out freak buoy

    he's some man = dere's no better buachaill buoy

    I'm unemployed at the moment = nah i'm workin for de government

    are you you coming away to smoke a joint = ya comin away for an oul blow


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 28,128 ✭✭✭✭Mossy Monk

    what's this. Dungarvan, Co. Kilkenny

    i've heard a few of them but

    the guards = de shayds (séads) i've definately never heard

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,081 ✭✭✭Musashi

    Heard most but there are a few dodgy one's in here.!
    Some of these terms have never been heard in The Peoples Republic Of Childerea and I doubt the Cathalbrunions use them either?
    Is this poster a gentrified scabbysider slumming it?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1 Nessan

    Séadaithe = Irish for "Ramblers" / "Rovers"
    i.e. On the beat... Na Gardaí...