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good pubs??

  • 30-12-2002 6:05am
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    So where do y'all like to relax for quiet drinks etc.

    I'm not really into the whole gay-scene thing and much prefer having a couple of drinks in a fairly neutral but gay-friendly pub than goin to an all out gay venue. So what pubs do u recommend around town? Where would u go with a mixed group of gay an straight mates where everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy themselves?


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    For a mixed crowd in Cork:

    The Bodega or The Roundy or The Trinity. Probably a few more too actually. But they are nice places to drink. Savoy nightclub is good too.

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    For where dawg...

    the front lounge in dublin is really relaxing and open

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    Sorry wasn't thinkin, meant in Dublin but it wouldn't hurt to see where is good in other places too...