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The future

  • 29-11-2002 9:15pm
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    This is to all the gay people out there or people with an opinion on the thing.

    Just wondering what you see yourself doing when your 45. Not job wise or anything like that, but relationship wise. Would you have hoped to have found "the ONE" by then, settle down and thats it? Or would you adopt or have some1 carry a child for you that you could call your own?

    Just something i've always wondered what other people thought of.


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    i have heard that a fair few gay men marry women in order to have children and to experience the security of a marraige as they no longer feel the need to go out on the pull. Sure at 45 most would say you would be over the hill.

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    Gets you thinking.. I've never seen an elderly gay couple (40+)
    Most gay couples you see are in their twenties... Maybe that will change tho ;)

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    You will see, lots of older gay couples,openly in Gay hubs like, the village in New York.
    They are well visible in Sydney, heck it's not unusual there to see men in their sixties enjoying candle lit dinners:D
    The Gay couple who were first to exchange vows in London, (although I think thats a symbolic ceremony allowed by the GLC only and with no legal standing) were both in their sixties.

    Regarding the urge to have children and to carry on your family line. Isn't it a strange quirk of humanity that, one could be lesbian or Gay 100% and yet still feel the need to have a family?

    Everybody's different and one things sure, every day, you get closer to being 45 or older:eek: I'd imagine someone who is gay, who gets married for security at that age in many cases will eventually find the exact opposite, in that they are effectively trying to hide their sexuality, which could wreck their heads.

    Wasn't there a recently widely publicised case of a wealthy Dublin gay couple in their forties, adopting twins?