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Hello All, This is just a friendly reminder to read the Forum Charter where you wish to post before posting in it. :)


  • 14-11-2002 11:31am
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    OK Folks - there's been confusion as to what's allowed on this board and what's not.
    I really hope this is the last time I have to edit this thing

    The following are considered "no go" areas for your postings here to the Humour Board...
    • Pornography
    • Dead Baby Jokes
    • Racist Jokes
    • Links to Mature Content or Rotten websites
    • Jokes making fun of issues regarding Paedophiles, Child abuse (suspected or proven)
    • Jokes about other users of this site (I don't care if they posted something so stupid it's funny...there are other forums for that type of thing)
    • etc...
    Think of it this way folks, is supposed to be viewable by anyone at any time - this includes children, people in offices and so on.

    You may post images and youtube links into a message, please don't post inappropriate content.

    Also folks - I do not want to see abuse because you didn't like their joke or it's been posted before. Even if this is the worst joke you've ever heard, please don't make a post saying "That's crap!" or whatever. Instead, please use the rating system build into the boards software (you'll see it at the top of a thread - choose from 1 to 5 stars of a rating).

    Remember, YOU are responsible for your account. A couple of people have had people take their accounts and post something quite out of order and they have been banned. I don't care who does what to your account - it's up to you to keep it safe. This is the Admins stance on this topic too, so don't go crying to them.

    Posting something that breaks these rules will result in a 1 week ban and you'll go on my list...
    If someone from my list does a bad thing for the second time, it's a 1 month ban.
    Third time - you strike out and you won't ever be able to post here again.

    Please use the Report Post function is you have a problem with a post.
    Do not start criticism on thread, back-seat modding is not appreciated.
    If you feel the need to debate a point with a mod, do it via PM not on thread.

    So enjoy and post funnies!

    PS: This Charter can and will change - so be warned! :)


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    Don't get yourself banned by posting over-the-top material in this forum.

    There is now a private Humour Forum called Nein 11.
    It caters for the darker side of Humour.

    If you wish to post material that is more adult / edgy then that is the place to do it.

    Apply for Lolocaust access via PM to Slidey or The Hill Billy
    You must make an honest declaration that you are 18 or over.
    You must have been active on Boards for at least 6 months and at least 500 posts.
    Not everyone will be accepted and active participation is expected of you.

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