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  • 10-10-2002 5:04pm
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    Has anyone got one ot these new lines , that were brought in ?

    512/256 20/1

    If so , how are they working for you ? worth getting ? etc
    im looking for people who got the house lines for personnel

    I heard they are coming into galway City in the next 6 weeks
    @ 270 per quarter , which isnt bad at all considering . Im thinking
    that 4 comps per line shouldnt be a problem , should it ?
    ( for Online gaming mostly )

    Anyone any more info for me plz ?
    Or any views ??


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 6,143 spongebob

    they exist in Limerick and Cork(only this week)

    see the Irelandoffline or Net/Comms forums

    in Galway they are still vapourware but will operate to the same standard as the Limerick ones whihc have been installed a few months now, see what the Limerick people say.

    Expect the first hookups in Galway before Christmas. These will be custumers of CK electronic. Direct customers will ahve a lower priority I have heard.


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 7,563 leeroybrown

    There is an information evening on next thursday (17-10-02) in the Radisson in Galway. Details on the site above.

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    We have just signed up for the DSL line with EsatBT (Cybercafe). Details are as follows...

    They have 3 exchanges in Galway - Citycenter, Mervue and I'm not sure about the third. Prices are as follows....

    512K down 256K up €90pm
    1M down 256K up €205pm
    2M down and 256K up €400pm

    All are flat rate and there is a setup fee of €125 (which is being waved).

    Trials start in October (give or take 19 working days for Eircoms end). The trial is for 1 month and then they are taking perm subscriptions.

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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Ive checked the Irelandoffline forum , no real info I could find
    about the gaming end of it.....

    I meen it I think it should work but , I suppose Im really looking for someone to tell me IT WILL WORK defo...

    Anyway Ill keep looking , maybe they will tell me something good on thursday.

    : )

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    They have 3 exchanges in Galway - Citycenter, Mervue and I'm not sure about the third. Prices are as follows....

    Actually, its just the city center one (behind the GPO in Eglington St) and the Mer-voo exchanges.

    The glaring ommission is the Shantalla exchange, apparently it's full to the roof with Eircom gear, most of which is redundant, from what I've been told...

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