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old joke :)

  • 30-08-2002 3:40pm
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    This fellow has been a keen hunter for years and whenever he can he tries to get away from the big smoke to shoot some game. On this particular trip he’s made it far into the mountains when he spots a huge bear. He carefully lines up his shot and pulls the trigger. Unfortunately he misses and the bear vanishes. But a few minutes later he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around and looks straight at the bear and in fear he has drops the rifle. The bear says to him “That wasn’t very nice of you to take a shot at me like that, lucky for me you missed. Now it’s my turn. Either I can take a shot at you or you can let me have my way with you.”

    The hunter thinks about it for a second, but not wanting to die, goes for the second option. A while late the bear walks of feeling rather satisfied leaving a very upset hunter behind. Feeling very angry the hunter returns to his cabin, gets a bigger gun and returns to exact revenge for the humiliation. He does spot the bear, takes careful aim and blasts away. When the smoke clears, the bear is nowhere in sight and the hunter is feeling somewhat relieved figuring he has shot the bear this time.

    But a minute later he feels a tap on his shoulder, turns around and again is confronted by the bear. The bear isn’t very happy with the hunter and makes him the same offer. Somewhat later this time the bear wanders off feeling good about himself, leaving a furious hunter behind.

    Our unlucky friend by this time has had enough. He goes into town, gets the best selection of heavy guns and returns to get revenge the next day. He is searching for the bear most of the next day and finally spots him in the distance. He slowly works himself as close as he dares and let’s rip with everything he has got. Pieces of rock go flying in all directions, smoke, dust everywhere, a regular one man war. When he is finally out of ammo things clear up and there are big craters where the bear was earlier. He thinks to himself there is no way the bear could have escaped this time so he is just about to have a look for the remains when he feels a familiar tap on his shoulder. And sure enough, the bear is standing there, looking at the hunter. He slowly looks at the hunter and says ”You are not here for the hunting, are you?”


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    Twas on here a while ago but slightly different.
    Tis funny tho :D

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    still a great joke

    i posted it bout a month ago
    v cool