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    This board is for discussions relating only to the to the North West region. It can be used for news, sport, or anything that you wish to discuss on in the North West area..

    Usual rules apply.

    I hope you enjoy posting on the North West forum. :)


  • Charter: Rules and Guidelines [LAST UPDATED 2/05/2007]
    Welcome to the North West Forum which is one of the most popular Regional forums on This forum is basically for threads that are either directly or indirectly related to the North West but general debate will also be allowed. The following is a brief outline of what and what’s not allowed so read carefully. New and existing users will benefit from a visit to the Newbies & FAQ forum where more detailed rules and advice are given. If you have any queries feel free to contact a moderator. At the time of posting the current mods are Cherry Blossom and muffler

    The Golden Rule:
    There is no free speech! This is a privately owned website. You do not have the right to say whatever you want on here. You are expected to obey the rules just like anyone else. Not following the rules will get you banned.

    What type of topics can be posted in this forum?
    Topics relating to the North West (or Donegal, Leitrim or Sligo as appropriate) only should be considered but any other issue that is topical and is related to or affects members in the North West forum or its sub forums or the community in general is fine.

    Specific queries or topics should be posted in the relevant forums -

    If you have a query in relation to broadband for example then post in “Nets & Comms”
    If you are asking about the availability of broadband in your area then you should post in the first instance in Nets & Comms but if you don’t get a response there then you may post here.
    If you want to discuss who will win the next general election then post in “Politics”
    If you want to discuss who will be elected in the North West constituencies then Politics or here is OK.
    Do not post threads on issues such as British politics, native American Indians, Maori eating habits, penguins etc etc.
    Common sense will answer most of your queries but if in doubt PM a mod before posting.

    Advertising - Topics/posts that contain this will be both edited and locked and user banned. If you wish to buy add space, contact [email protected] .

    Do not post anything that can be considered as being libelous – E.g.- ABC Ltd based in Ballykissmearse have a reputation for ????? or the Scotchmsity pub serves drink to under 18’s or the XYZ Hotel is filthy. All such comments could lead to court proceedings against

    Racism, Porn, Flaming - Topics/posts containing such will be edited/deleted accordingly.

    Off Topic
    - Posts that stray off topic will be edited/deleted, depending on their relevance to the topic at hand. People who ignore a moderator's request to stay on topic will be banned for 1 week for first offense and for longer periods for repeat offenses or at the moderator's discretion.

    Phone numbers
    - Posting other people phone numbers is a bannable offence. You should never post your own number on a thread as it is not guaranteed to be safe.

    Text Speak
    Its to be discouraged and not a bannable offence initially but repeat offenders might be "asked" to take a break from posting.

    Personal Abuse
    - Posters who abuse others on here will be banned. Permanent bans will be handed out on a first offence if a moderator feels it is warranted. There is no argument on this one. Abuse someone and you will be banned. Calling someone an idiot is abuse. Don't attack the poster, attack the post

    Pointless Threads and Polls
    - Posting any pointless thread or poll will result in the thread being locked. You can be banned for this. Think before you post.

    Arguing with a moderator.
    Do not argue with a moderator in a thread after they have given a warning or a ban etc. If you have an issue with a moderator's action then PM the mod in question. They will discuss it with you. You can then, if unsatisfied with the PM route, take things to either the Feedback forum or the Help Desk.

    Registering a New Account to Circumvent a Ban - This will get all accounts site-banned.

    If you have issues with a post or a thread, please use the Report Post function to let us know. All you have to do is press the little red and white triangular button report.gif beside each post and we will look at it.
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