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BigMac Price?

  • 16-07-2002 11:56am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 126 ✭✭ bobsmith833

    Please could someone tell me how much a McDonald's BigMac costs in the Republic of Ireland?



  • 2 euro

  • why would you Want to know...yuk

  • Hasn't it been shown that McDonalds index the cost of a Big Mac to a country's GDP or exchange rate or something like that?

    I guess Mr. Smith is researching it in a few countries?


  • I think a the big mac is way to small. A couple of bites and its gone! They should have a half pound XXL one like they do in Burger kind with the Big King and Whopper burgers that would be cool!!

  • Maccers and BK are manky anyway. Theres nothin like an Eddie Rockets burger pricy but worth it.

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