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  • 28-06-2002 8:51pm
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    I was going to bring this up on my witch querie thread but it was closed for reasons beyond me...
    do you believe in spells? like do you believe if someone put a spell on you, say a love spell for for the sake of argument, do you believe that would work?
    I had another comment here but I deleted it because I felt silly after I posted it, just wierd things have been happening to me (since before I met my roomate btw) and I am wondering , now that my eyes have been opened to this stuff having to do with my roomate and all...I you believe in that stuff?
    have you any true stories?


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    Originally posted by BEAT
    it's happening atleast 3 times a day, every day!

    Same guy? Tehm lurve starved repressed Irish Catholic men? :):)

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    lol... men...pfft

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    Sorry, the other thread was heading into the "ASL!?!?" regions, which gets rather tiresome after a bit :)

    Do spells work? Thats an odd questions, I think i'll quote from a book I read once which said that spells do work in the sense that they open perceptions and influence auras, they *cannot* change the world or make someone do something they don't want to do. For example if there's a "revenge spell" then you can only ask for the equillivant of what happened to you to happen back to that person. Spells tend to emphasis harmony and encourage things to do what they should do or what they want to do.

    << Fio >>

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    Before making a serious reply (eventually) I'll just say:

    Hah! And you had doubts about sharing with this woman (as expressed in the other thread)

    Judging by your recent experiences, if we all moved in with witches we might all find the world a happier and more fulfilling place

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    its not a spell so to say..fio is rite it cant force u to love some1 it helps u, its like a witch cant kill but it can help some1 tink of killing..its odd i dont really beleive in dat crap just did the play Macbeth in school:)

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    It really depends on what type of spell you cast... Some may work well, while others may work in the beginning and backfire and the rest... They probably won't work at all. To be honest, I haven't tried any spells out yet, but my mum has and it worked for some time. I'm not going to divulge any more details on the spell, but suffice to say it went a bit wrong along the way, and she isn't sure why.

    Anyhow, if you do believe in spells, and try to cast one... You have to be careful when doing so, as you may get an undesired affect, or getting what you wanted isn't what it's cracked up to be (mostly in the case of the love spells).

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    Personal opinion: its all a load of bollo<ks.

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    i have no opinion on magic, but i don't believe in witches :)

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    Well it depends on what you regard spells to be... some of them are a bunch of silly worlds delivered in a way to give them meaning to the recipient. On the other hand so called "witches" used use 'potions' and 'magic' to cure common ailments. In reality the medicinal value was in the source of the potion, e.g. roots/ herbs of some description and the rest was merely for show. :)

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    I have a pretty extensive theory on the energy of communication. I am doing research, and in a few years will publish a book, in which a mate of mine will be providing the theoretical physics/ quantam mechanics end (equations and all) for my theories.

    It's far too long to go into here...maybe I'll post it in a separate thread if I get a chance today, but no promises. I'll try to get it up before the week is out....must get a website together witha blogg

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    I's say there are several things in spell. The main one can been seen as the manipulation of usually uncontrolled forces. Unseen waves & patterns.

    But I think it also has a lot to do with autosuggestion, which is a way to make things work.

    It helps building up your confidence in something/someone. By casting a lovespell on somebody, you increase your own self confidence and it helps you make it work...

    I don't know if it works or not. I'm still not sure I believe in it although I have seen a few freaky stuff in my own time, I remain divided between the pure supernatural explanation and the rational explanation, because there is always one...

    One thing I know is that our world is probably too rational and doesn't allow us to 'dream' enough. Most of the unexplained & supernatural has been explained and this probably destroyed Magic, as Magic was The Unexplained.

    May be we're too clever, may be we don't believe enough, I don't know.

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    Witchcraft is the devils work, you would be advised to have nothing to do it with and its baby murdering ways.

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    I found that rather amusing, hehehe ;)

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    Geez!!! That's scary really....
    Well we're all allowed our own opinion....
    But... THAT does scare me...

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    Hey smiles, A/S/L? :D

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    sorry, i thought this was the personal issues board. i wasnt aware that after hours had spilled over?