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I was genuinely looking for advice

  • 22-06-2002 11:33pm
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    Regarding my post: "Discharge".
    I see that this post was deleted, I was not taking the piss.
    I do actually need some advice, can this post be reinstated.


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    I currently have a discharge from my penis, it's a yellowish colour and my penis is itchy and sore all the time.
    Any ideas what this could be ?
    I'm too embarrassed to go to my GP.

    If it is a legitimate post I cannot let bad advice govern your personal health. I cannot have anyone posting "Ah g'wan and put chilli's on yer knob - it'll be grand". No-one can tell you proper advice for this one mate unless they see it and are trained in the medical profession.

    Go and see a doctor, it's embarrasing yeah but there's going to be plenty more embarrasing things happen to you in your life in the future - stand up and lift your head high and phone the doctor for an appointment. cannot be responsible for people's willys falling off due to bad advice!

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