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Comic reviews

  • 14-06-2002 12:51pm
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    The first of a set of reviews of my weekly comic purchases which I will do from time to time.

    Just a Pilgrim #4
    Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra

    The last part of the second Just a Pilgrim arc. There's no real surprises in this issue. The twist early in the issue was obvious from the end of the previous issue and the ended in more a matter of course than anything else. Ennis' writing has been rather mediocre of late and this is just another example. Ezquerra's art is as always consistent and well defined.

    Overall: a disappointment as we all know Ennis can produce better.

    Ultimate Spider-man Super-special
    Brian Michael Bendis and various artists

    I should know by now to stay away from these specials. Muck muck muck muck. It is the usual Spider-man having a crisis of faith story that ends up having him meet a cross-section of the marvel characters based in New York and then use the "with great power comes great responsibility" line. Predictable, boring and It is one of those comics where they have different artists for every few pages. It artwork varies greatly in style and quality. I wasn't overly fond of most of it, but there are a couple of stunning spreads - the one of Elektra being my favourite

    Overall: Only for the die hard fan.

    G.I. Joe #7
    Josh Blaylock

    I have a soft-spot for this comic as I collected it as a kid and had a load of the toys. But by god, does it seem to crawl along. These seems to be another issue where they are simply introducing old characters. The man plot is rather topical, with Cobra trying to sneak a suitcase nuke into the states. There is also an assault on Destros castle that is I really don't know if I could be ar$ed with it anymore. I'd like a little more action than seeing old characters having a chinwag about how great it is to be back on the team. The artwork is functional and it is usually enough to jog your memory so that you can guess who it is before they are formally introduced.

    Overall: Slow, but worth it for the nostalgia trip.

    Batgirl #29
    Kelly Puckett and Damion Scott

    Part 13 of the Bruce Wayne: Fugitive arc and all I can say is GET IT OVER WITH! I'm getting sick of this arc as we all know it is just a matter to time before the real murderer is revealed and Bruce is cleared. Blah blah blah. The issue has Batgirl, nightwing and Robin re-enact the murder and figure out exactly what happened and how the murdered did it. Lots of "he could have done this and this". Kind of necessary in it's own way, but I can't help feeling that they could have cut large sections of it and still come to the same ending. I have to say though I have always liked the manga-esque artwork and it's always a pleasure to look at.

    Overall: *Another* slow book, but hopefully that will be all over soon.

    Hunter The Age of Magic #12
    Dylan Horrocks and Richard Case

    I much prefer the self confident Tim in this comic rather than the petulant teenager he was in the Books of Magic. In this issue he takes care of the bookshop he's staying in with, as they say in ads for sit-coms, hilarious results. An irate customer, an information elemental, a drunk horny girl and a very unexpected visitor. Compared to the other comics I got this month, this is fast paced and seems to be actually going somewhere rather than pottering along like an arthritic granny.

    Overall: An enjoyable interlude before the next big arc.

    Batman Legends of the Dark Night #156
    Dwayne McDuffie Val Semeiks

    The first part of a 3 issue story about a serial killer and a blind man who can see through other peoples eyes. It's a fairly bog standard story with no real twist or anything else to keep your interest.

    Overall: Standard Batman fair to keep you going until the next crossover.