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Comics Charter - Please read before posting

  • 11-06-2002 4:07pm
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    Comics Forum Charter, version 3.3 (updated 15.10.2008)

    Statement of purpose:

    The Comics Board is a community board for sharing ideas and thoughts about all things comic-related. Please try not getting too bogged down in the "My super-hero would kick your super-hero's shiny metal a**" threads, since there's only so far hypothetical discussions on these matters can go. Please note that this is not a forum for discussion of stand-up comics - there is a separate forum here for all things comedy-related.

    General rules: No spam, porn, abuse, trolling, baiting, flaming or general muppetry. The making of potentially defamatory, off topic, disruptive statements such as incitement of hatred, racism, sexism or violence is subject to alteration or deletion. Repeat offenders may be banned at the moderator's discretion; subsequent unbannings are also at the moderator's discretion. Posts made as part of any creator or publisher's "Let's spam the interwebs to promote my new book" campaigns will be deleted, and warnings or bannings given out.

    Commercial advertising is not permitted without permission. The overt promotion of commercial activity and the use of the board as a vehicle for such are forbidden in accordance with the general rules of

    Polls: if you decide to post up a poll, please make it reasonably specific to avoid it turning into a yelling match. Polls which are too vague will be deleted.

    Webcomics, comic shops and useful links: Any links to webcomics, Irish comic shops, or useful/interesting links should be posted in this thread. Any new threads for such topics will be merged with this thread. Please note that any resources for comics creators should be posted in the Comics Production forum.

    Recommended reading requests: If you are looking for new reading material, you should either look at the "What comic are you reading?" thread or the "Ultimate Comic Bookshelf" thread. If, after rooting through both threads, you're still looking for suggestions, then post up a new thread including at least 5 titles that you have read and which will give a good indication of your tastes.

    Back issues/old comics: If you have any questions about where to find back issues or what they might be worth, post in this thread. If you have old comics you want to sell, you're best off using the Books For Sale section. In such cases, a limited amount of posting to make posters aware of the items on sale will be allowed. You may also want to use things like local Freecycle groups or WasteMatchers if you're just getting rid of stuff rather than selling it.

    Downloading comics: NO discussion of or links relating to illegally downloading comics is allowed, nor is discussion of the channels by which they can be downloaded. Discussion of communities like scans_daily, Comic Book Resources, or Newsarama is allowed within reason.

    Artists/writer requests and comic production: From now on, anyone wanting to discuss comic-making or looking for someone to work with on a project should post in the Comic Production Forum. If you're looking for someone to work with on a commercial project, you can also post on the Job Adverts forum.

    Events: Anyone with information on upcoming events should post the details in this thread. Certain high-profile events may have separate threads opened for discussion; the Events thread is for information purposes only so if you do want to discuss a particular event please create a new thread for it. If you are posting about an event of interest chiefly or exclusively to comic creators, please post in the Comic Production Forum instead.

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