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Gaeilge charter

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    Welcome along to the Gaeilge (Irish) board. This board is moderated by An File, dambarude, and hullaballoo.

    While this IS the Gaeilge (Irish) board, we are bringing you this charter in English so that more people will understand. There is no rule against using the English language on this board.

    The Charter of the Gaeilge (Irish) board is as follows:


    1. This board is the place to discuss the Irish language and/or to brush up on it / practise conversing in it.

    2. If you don't like the Irish language, and you want to tell the world that, - you're in the wrong place, frankly. We've all heard the pointless arguments about how Irish is "out of place in modern society", "a dead language", "useless", etc. Those arguments are old, and frankly unwelcome here. Such threads or posts will be swiftly squished and binned on this forum.

    3. This board is NOT the place to discuss how the Christian Brothers (or anyone else for that matter) battered the shite out of you for getting your grammar wrong as a kid or how much you hated having to learn the language. Get over it. That's not why we're here. There are perfectly good boards called Humanities and Personal Issues for those kind of sob stories / discussions...

    4. This is a languages board;- NOT a politics or current affairs board. (THAT can be found here) Discussions, for example, about the IRA, or any aspects of the 'troubles' past or present in Northern Ireland will be binned on sight, as they are utterly irrelevant here.

    5. Correcting people's grammar and/or spelling just for the sake of it is just rude most of the time and that's as true in Irish as any other language. Don't do it. ... Exceptions may of course be made when the point of a thread is to find out the correct spelling or grammar for a word or phrase in Irish.

    6. [N.B.] : If we find that conversations start to become difficult to understand for people, we (the moderators) may have to edit people's posts to put in English translations ourselves. So we do ask that when you are using less commonly known words or phrases or you can't be sure that you will be understood fully, please include an English translation of your post so that a wider audience can follow the conversation.

    7. All the standard common courtesy/behaviour rules apply... i.e.: no trolling, no spamming, no insulting behaviour or generally "being a total arse". Try to stay on topic and KEEP A CIVIL TONGUE IN YER HEADS! If you have a complaint about how either of us moderate the board, then send a private message to one of us (send one to An File or Hullaballoo or dambarude) or about it.

    8. We will pick and choose how we deal with anyone who breaks these rules on an individual basis. Generally, people will just find the offending posts deleted, but in serious cases they will find themselves banned from the board.

    9. This charter may be changed by the Gaeilge (Irish) moderators at any time in any way we see fit in order to keep the board running smoothly and peacefully.

    10. Bígí cúramach!


    Buíochas duitse -

    (Edited for spelling/grammar corrections, 20/05/04)

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