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  • 16-05-2002 6:05pm
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    Im a 16 year old virgin.My problem isnt a major one and i just want to be sure its safe to have sex.Here goes
    About a year ago i noticed these tiny pimples on my penis.Theyre by no eans large and you can barely feel them at all.Unless your specifically looking for them theyre fairly invisible.But im just wondering if this is OK or could it be some disease.At least its not cancer as it would have staretd causing problems a while ago now,but im just wondering what it is.


  • Wouldn't worry about it, it's natural. Are they red or skin coloured?

    If they are skin coloured then they are pimples that are there for a reason. Some animals have bigger pimples - for grappling on to the inside of the female's... insides, so that they hook on and don't come out until the job is done. These could be an evolutionary diminishment. we need these pimples apparently, they assist in love making and if they weren't there then you may not feel as much when you are making love (maybe).

    If they are red... are they itchy? Are they big? More info needed but you don't need to draw a diagram!

    Oh ye, interesting name... member ;)

  • this is not a medical forum, my advise is you consult your local GP.

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