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Personal Issues Charter *Please read First*

  • 12-04-2002 4:14pm
    Registered Users Posts: 11,397 ✭✭✭✭ azezil

    What should be posted:

    Personal problems, these may include problems or concerns about home life, friends, partners etc.
    If something is getting you down and you feel you just need to talk about it.
    Solutions or advise to help with people’s problems.
    All posts must be made in a mature, constructive, non-abusive manner.

    What not to post:

    Abusive or non-constructive comments.
    Topics of the nature: “Where are all the single men at?” or “Most sex woman ever!” etc.

    Because of the personal nature of this forum it shall be moderated with an iron fist, muppetry in any form will not be tolerated, and repeat offenders shall be banned indefinitely.

    If you have any questions or comments on the charter please feel free to send the moderators a private message.


  • And, to anyone new here to or the Personal Issues forum, please note the Unregistered user choice as mentioned here.

    Anyone can post anonymously by logging out (if registered) and posting a reply. If you are not registered you may still post, your nickname would be seen as "Unregistered". Also, your name and IP address will not be shown to the general public. However, this cannot be abused, please. The owners/Administrators of do have the powers to view any post's IP address but only as a last resort.
    • Anonymity is sacred but trouble making is most definately not.

    Note:* Any information received or made is the responsibility of individuals and you are liable for your own actions, whether acting or refraining from acting on the basis of any information.

    * copied from 80p's homework book!

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