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Leaving Cert Charter - Read Me!- Updated 13/09/10

  • 30-01-2002 2:01pm
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    Leaving Cert board Charter:

    The Leaving Cert Forum is about anything and everything to do with the senior cycle, social and serious.

    To a certain degree this includes colleges and third level courses, but if you feel your topic is more appropriate to one of the college boards, please post it there or it will probably be moved.

    On the social side, please try keep it somewhat to do with the Leaving Cert. i.e events, debs, etc. This isn't After Hours and while people seem to grow quite attached to this board, things need to be kept some way on-topic! An "off topic" thread has recently been added.

    If you want to advertise grinds, please use the sticky instead of posting a new topic, it will be deleted.

    Please don't turn every topic into "This is why the Leaving Cert sucks...". It's happened to many threads. If you want to voice your opinion, start a thread and complain properly!

    No txt spek pls. it suxors. ALSO <TRY STAY AWAY FROM CAPS LOCK> YOU [email protected] NEED TO SHOUT TO BE HEARD!

    We don't need 17 threads about how a certain exam went, so please have a look around to see if someone has already said something for you.

    Away from that, the usual, No Flaming, advertising, porn, etc etc.

    Posting detailed personal information about another user (name of school if not mentioned on the forum, parents names, real name etc.) without their permission is not on. It will get you banned immediately, the length of the ban determined by the extent of the information and if it bothered the poster it was written about.

    August '09 Update: Offering to sell copyrighted notes (Institute, Bruce, Yeats etc.) is not allowed. Your post will be edited/deleted and you will be infracted. Offering to give them away, on the other hand, is allowed.

    Books for sale: Please use ... you may put a link in this thread if you wish.

    Notes for sale: as for books. No copyrighted notes! ... see note re: this above.

    For new Boards posters: please read the Boards FAQs here

    Dispute Resolution Procedure - Link here

    Edu CMods - Spurious and D4RK ONION


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    A special forum for dispute resolution has been set up and can be found here. If you have any issue with a moderator's decision, follow the dispute resolution procedure as outlined in the forum. The chain of command goes Moderator->CMod->Admin. Jumping straight to the forum to plead your case will not be looked on favourably by anyone, so please follow the procedure that is outlined.

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