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Why is Psychology under the SCI group ?

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    Why is Psychology under the SCI group ? its hardly a science
    should it no be under humanities ?


  • Its a social science, and it can be scientifically measureable in some cases, i.e. neuro, but in my opinion not all, such as psychoanalytical

  • I beg to differ, science is knowledge and psychology is an knowledge or understanding of how the brain works. In terms of how the brain interpret the world more so than a physical what its made of type thing.

    Anyway so any science is the understanding of something. It may not be one of the big ones like chemistry, physics, biology but its a science all the same.

  • psychology is a considered a soft science by psychologists, also humanities/arts is very crowded.

    psychology studies why we do what we do from a scientific perspective (eg via relevant theories and experiments.

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