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Pro-active personality and job performance:a social capital perspective

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    a found a good article if your interested in reading it.

    does anyone have an opinon on it?

    Abstract here;

    This study of 126 employee-supervisor dyads examined a mediated model of the relationship between proactive personality and job performance. The model, informed by the social capital perspective, suggests that proactive employees reap performance benefits by means of developing social networks that provide them the resources and latitude to pursue high-level initiatives. Structural equation modeling suggested that the relationship between proactive personality and job performance is mediated by network building and initiative taking on the part of the employee.


  • Need a username and password to get onto that site - it's a research website so maybe Joe Public won't be able to get on?

    I'd be very interested in reading some of the article if you can post or PM some or any of it?

  • great the file is 20kb to big to load as a pdf attachment and 100kb to big to load as a word doc

  • I'd like to take a look at the article, but knowing some things about social capital, and being more convinced by the heterodox version of it and by a brilliant critique of Putnam's theory, I'd be fairly sceptical about this article. Not that the abstract doesn't seem like common sense, but I think the SC perspective as used like this ignores too much important stuff and tends to 'prove' what it sets out to investigate in advance.

    Is SC really a psychological theory, or sociological? I'd go for the latter.