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Charter for the Psychology Forum. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

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    Welcome to the Psychology forum.

    What's the forum for?

    The purpose of this forum is to discuss psychology or behavioural science i.e. understanding why people do what they do. This could be psychological theories, models and concepts, debates within psychology, etc. Try and keep criticism constructive and discerning when discussing theories, different psychological studies, findings, etc. Off topic ramblings or posting of nonsense will be dealt with by forum moderators.

    This is a factual forum designed to discuss psychology as a science. We expect better a higher standard of discussion than "your ma" type posts. Reference to journal or newspaper articles, or other relevant literature is welcomed and encouraged e.g. social, developmental, health or any other areas of psychological research.

    "How do I become a psychologist/therapist/counsellor?" - this has been discussed a number of times on the forum.

    What this forum is NOT for
    • Personal diagnosis - we can't diagnose you
    • Armchair/speculative diagnosis - posters should not attempt to diagnose each other
    • Detailed ins and outs of, or advice about, medication
    • Medical advice – please go to your GP

    Personal matters

    Depression/anxiety - there is an ongoing thread about this in the Long Term Illness forum.

    It is not the Personal Issues forum and all such threads will be moved or closed.

    There's a sticky thread on finding counsellors/therapists. We do NOT recommend individuals. The sticky explains why. Do ensure you go to someone who is accredited by a professional body.

    General discussion of mental illness from a psychological point of view is fine, but this is not a treatment forum.

    The forum does not currently have a high turnover of posts, and posters who wrote some time ago may no longer be around to respond.

    What's not OK
    • No pornography/explicit/offensive pictures allowed; these will be deleted upon sight.
    • No flaming/abusing other users
    • No advertising or trying to sell things.

    This charter may be modified where the need arises.


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