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Everybody Needs Good........

  • 18-10-2005 5:41pm
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    Happy 20th Birthday Lads!
    Ah yes even though i've stopped watching the program there will always be a special place in my piggy heart for the Aussie Supersoap.So many laughs,tears and twitchers(Anna-Lise,Sarah,Flick,Charlene,Beth,Nina Helen,Kerry and Plain Jane Superbrain I salute you).
    Too many classic storylines to mention but heres a few of Pigheads faves.I've learnt a lot about life from this once great program.

    * Daphnes death. At the hospital, Dopey Des is by Daphs bedside, saying that she can’t lie there forever, because they have so many things to do together. He holds her hand and tells her that he loves her. Just then, her hands begins to twitch. Des looks at it in shock for a moment, and then Daphne mutters the infamous words, "I love you too, Clarkey." Des jumps up and runs out to get a nurse. Beverly runs over, and Des excitedly tells her how Daphne has come out of the coma. However, when they return to the room, they realise that Daphne has died.
    This taught me to appreciate my loved ones and never take them or grantd.

    * Dr Karl and Susan split. Even the most solid couples aren't safe in soapland and Karl and Susan Kennedy were no exception. In 1998 their son Bill discovered his father was having an affair with his secretary. Karl got an impressive slap from Susan.This taught me that there is no such thing as a rock solid relatioship,you have to work at it all the time.

    * Bouncer's wedding. The infamous dream sequence had the crazy dog reminiscing about Kerry and Joe's wedding before wondering what it would be like to marry his dog neighbour Rosie.
    This taught me that the writers of this episode of Neighbours were on some high class hallucinagenics.
    Happy Birthday and G'day mates.


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    An even a snippet of Kylie an Jasons wedding.

    Especially for you.................oouuuu....oouuuuu

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    Neighbours; like almost every Australian soap opera, it only needed two things to make it perfect: Good actors and a decent script. As they said, they showed it on BBC twice a day because no one could believe it the first time.