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Graduate research study on social and civic activism (I need your help)

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    My name is Robert Dean, and I am a graduate student and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (United States) and I am doing a preliminary research study about civic and social activism and internet use. I simply want to determine how useful the internet is for facilitating social and civic activism, and I need your help.
    I have created a survey that, hopefully, will allow me to determine the relationship between internet use and civic and social activism. I want to know to what extent and for what purpose people use the internet, and how involved they are in civic and political life.
    All the information that you give will be kept strictly confidential and every possible precaution will be taken to ensure your complete anonymity.

    If you think that you may be interested you may contact me between Oct 14 – 18 via email and I will send you a copy of my survey, and an “informed consent form” that explains your rights and my responsibilities in terms of this study. The survey is only 23 questions, and it should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

    If you feel that you are at all interested, or if you have any questions whatsoever please contact me via email.

    Thank you
    Robert F. Dean
    [email protected]