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[Examiner Article]Civil servants target lottery winner's files

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    THE security of sensitive personal information held by the State has been put in doubt.

    Large numbers of civil servants accessed Dolores McNamara’s social welfare files after her €115 million lottery win.

    Officials at the Department of Social and Family Affairs discovered up to 150 hits on the Limerick mother’s welfare files when she scooped the EuroMillions jackpot last July.

    A spokesperson for the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) said yesterday: “If this happened, it’s quite clear that data protection law has been broken. It’s worrying that confidential information held by the State on individuals is being accessed for non-official purposes. We would hope there is a review of how data is accessed and who has a right to access data about people the State holds to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”


  • You see, if we had really really good journalists, they'd make a note in their diaries to follow up this story later to see what happens to the "detailed review of the access staff have to systems and data." And maybe even find out what action is taken against any civil servants who illegitimatly accessed the date. It would be of larger significance than just this one individual, wouldn't you think?

    And, just maybe, they might ask if that review will include analysis of how data security is so lax, and how it ought to be improved, if possible.