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Favourite Episode?

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    Whats your favourite episode and why?

    For me, its a tie between Ariel (great story and action) and Object In Space (Early was a great character, and the acting was fantastic).

    Honourable mentions for Jaynestown (very funny) and The Message (great ending).


  • Either Ariel or Out Of Gas, which I'm suprised you didn't mention TmB, easily one of the best episodes. Ariel was just excellent, especially how it evolved the River storyline, and Out Of Gas was just an absolutely magnificent episode, just the way it was told, cutting back and forth really made it special.

  • It's between Ariel, Out Of Gas and Objects In Space. I'm gonna say Ariel cos' it's the most fun. Objects In Space was great because of Early and Out Of Gas because of it's structure, stylishness and the great ending. Still gotta be Ariel pour moi.

  • I've got to say "Our Mrs Reynolds." It has great dialogue that just doesn't stop coming and there is a tangible feeling of camraderie amounst the crew.

  • Ariel's definitely my favourite. I love the heistiness of it, and the fact that we get more info on River, plus the Blue Hand Dudes being incredibly freaky. And then you have the mood shift at the end with Mal and Jayne, which is just perfect.

    Having said that, it's easy enough to argue that Out of Gas and Objects in Space are better episodes. I only think they're two of the best hours of television ever made. The structure of Out of Gas alone should have got Tim an Emmy, and the themes and visuals in Objects in Space mean you can watch it a thousand times and get something new with each viewing.

    Yeah, I could go on like a big spa, but I'll stop now.

  • Have to say its betweem Ariel, War Stories and Out of Gas for me.

    I'm completely obsessed with any moment where we see Mal going nuts. Out of Gas becuase I loved seeing how all the Big Damn Heros ended up on Serenity.

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  • i think epp 1 serenity is one of my favourites, but hell i love them all

    but for dialogue it has to be our mrs reynolds, fantastic

  • out of gas or objects in space

  • Another vote for Our Mrs. Reynolds, The Message, Objects in Space (aw hell, the last six episodes were all so brilliant).

    I'm surprised at how many people are going for Out of Gas. I like that episode but I don't remember being particularly wowed by it.

  • I would have to say for it me, its a mix up betweem, Out of Gas, War stories, The message and Objects in Space

  • Ooh, War Stories, forgot about War Stories. See, you start naming episodes and you're in trouble.

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  • Can't really decide between Out of Gas, Ariel and Objects in Space (these seem to be the top three really) Maybe Out of Gas if i was pushed, I love the style of it.

  • Personally I loved Shindig. One of the best episodes for Mal, he had great lines and it really developed his character.

  • It would have to be Shindig or The Message for me. Those are the episodes that show the ranges of the actors.

  • I do love Out of Gas. The comedy and sweetness of the flashbacks contrasts wonderfully with the mortal tension in the present. It could be a great pilot episode, but its even stronger for the fact that you already know these characters.

    Objects in Space comes a close second in my reckoning, mainly for that soulful and personal commentary track by Whedon.

    One (of the few) that hasn't been mentioned so far* is Janestown, which has a few of my favourite moments. Mal has one of those lines that stays with you, "It's my estimation that...every man ever got a statue made of him, was one kind of sumbitch or another."

    *EDIT: Actually, it has - in the first post no less!