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Welcome to the Rugby League Forum

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    This is a forum to discuss and debate all things RL in Ireland and beyond. If you are new to boards.ie then check out this link and then let rip. This is a great place with something for all tastes.

    Just a few small rules deemed appropriate by one of the founders DeVore:

    The rules such as we have them...

    Thou shalt not be a muppet.
    Thou shalt not curse excessively or be nasty and offensive to people regularly.
    Thou shalt not have multiple registrations.
    Thou shalt not f*ck with other peoples mojo, dude.
    Thou shall be civil at all times or "bad things" will happen.

    Enjoy your set of six!



    Summed up by the Boards wide rule: DON'T BE A DICK.

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