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  • 21-08-2005 12:37pm
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    i'm new to this guys so go easy on me if i make a serious error in whatz allowed and whatz not! just checking out some prices in Argos catalogue from the republic and the one from northern ireland, and there are some serious price differences, anybody know of any good reason why or is it another case for rip off republic?


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    I belive one of the official lines from the big uk companys is "extra transport costs of getting product's to the Republic"

    We all know this is crap as most of there stuff is still cheaper up the north.

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    one example is a sealy mattress for £309 sterling, same mattress e499 in the republic of ireland catalogue!

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    We are subject to 4% more VAT than our Norn cousins. Not mention higher public liability insurance, electric prices, rates, minimum wage.


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    Welcome High Soc
    Not many rules here - we are all trying to advise each other on prices and value for money.

    Maybe you would like to post a few more examples (translating all prices into euros) if you think Argos is really wide of the mark.

    £309 = €456 so the diference is not as huge as it looks at first sight. Handy currency conversion site here.

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    €465 / 1175 (removes 17.5% UK VAT) and then *1210 adds Irish VAT instead = €479 , diff is €20 then.

    I am sure there are better examples though :)

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    Could possibly be the exchange rate at the time of print also. I know it doesn't differ that much but it could make 20 difference in a product that price, and the catalogues only come out twice a year (correct me if I'm wrong)...