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*Instruments Charter* - NO ADS ALLOWED! Read Before Posting! Updated 24/01/10

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    Instruments Charter v0.1

    The time has come for a charter. Read, follow and all will be well.

    Firstly, This is not the place for selling musical equipment or services, or soliciting trades or any kind of commercial activity! Do that here
    Anyone caught posting a For Sale thread or breaching this rule in any way will receive a two week ban, no exceptions.

    If you are looking for shops, read this thread.

    If you want to set up a guitar, go here.

    Need someone to fix your guitar. Off you go.

    Information on import taxes and Vat, Here. Handy dandy calculator here. Thanks to Johnny Storm. There is to be NO discussion of how to avoid paying import duty whether your instrument is being delivered or you're bringing it back to the country. This is a bannable offence!

    Absolutely NO personal attacks. Friendly jibes are ok but let's keep them friendly.

    Please don't link or post attachments containing copyrighted/illegal material. This includes mp3s, tabs and backing tracks and anything else that I've forgotten about that is relevant.

    No txt spk will be tolerated. If you can't be bothered to type why should anyone be bothered to decipher it? Expect your post to be zapped.

    If you break a charter rule, do not expect a warning. Consider this post a warning.

    First bans are for 2 weeks. Second bans are for a month. Third ban is permanent.

    Other than that, try and keep on topic and have fun.

    Unfortuately, the number of posters going off topic has increased. Because of this, anyone going off topic will be banned.

    Common Sense is king - before posting something, have another think about it and make sure it doesn't contain anything illegal or against the rules in this Charter. The Instruments board isn't a busy place - if no one replies to your thread, give it a few days before you bump if. When bumping, add something constructive. It would be hoped that you have been researching your question yourself in the time since you've posted. This list is not exhaustive so the rules are at the discretion of the moderators. If you have any questions, please post in the Help Desk or pm the Instruments moderators.


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    for those of you considering asking this question, there are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your instrument is competitively priced and the forum stays clear of this kind of stuff. With about 5 minutes of effort you can find out yourself just what you have in your hands is worth. Unless it's something super-rare or unique, you can find it out yourself. Even if it is rare, you're dealing with an item which doesn't adhere to market forces, so asking is probably pointless. We're trying to keep the forum free of ads and ads incognito so bear this in mind before you think about posting one. This is a discussion forum, not a place where you can send people off to find out how much you can get for your gear. If you're not up to finding out yourself, don't ask. In future I will be removing threads asking "What's my ... worth?"

    Firstly, remember http://www.xe.com - currency exchange rate website.

    Secondly, remember that prices in Ireland are artificially high and what you paid for an instrument here doesn't mean a thing other than you were probably ripped off.

    Thirdly, find out how much your instrument goes for new. There are many ways to do this. Your instrument manufacturer's website is a good place to start - find the rrp - then take away between 20-30% to get a decent sale price. Also check the likes of thomann, musicstore and guitarbargains to get a reasonable benchmark as to what it costs to get a new model of the instrument in question in Europe. Regardless of how much you paid for it here, that's how much it costs for someone to get a new one and your second hand instrument needs to be cheaper than the cost of a new one if you actually want someone to buy it. Check the likes of chrisguitars and gbase to see what second hand instruments go for in the states, then add $100 shipping and then add about 25% to simulate import duty and vat, then check what it means in €€€. Again, this is what it will cost for someone to buy an instrument of that type.

    Now, also check the likes of ebay and buyandsell for your instrument. When you find out how much they sell for it will give you an idea how much your instrument is really worth, not what you think it's worth. Also read the reviews on http://www.harmony-central.com/User_Reviews/ where a lot of reviewers post the price they paid.

    Finally, remember your instrument is really only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. If you choose to sell you will most likely make a loss if you bought it new. People are thankfully becoming aware of how much instruments really cost globally and are no longer blinded by the ludicrously inflated prices most of the retailers here stick on instruments. You may have to take a hit, that's the way it goes. Be reasonable and bear in mind people waking up to the possibilities of buying over the internet and you are selling in a global marketplace.

    So when you know your price, post it here.

    Any comments/additions, feel free to add...

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    From today, all requests and offers should be placed on the Adverts.ie Services sections:

    Services Offered

    Services Requested

    Be sure to read and follow the Adverts.ie rules for posting there: http://wiki.boards.ie/wiki/Adverts_Rules

    Anyone posting threads requesting or offering lessons on the Instruments and sub forums will be infracted and their thread will be removed.

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    For any user who has ties to a shop or other commercial endeavour who wishes to post on this forum, please email [email protected] Any user who has not confirmed with that email address will not be permitted to post.

    This only affects users with companies/jobs/websites/shops who interact with this forum.

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