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Forum Charter ***Read First***

  • 18-08-2005 1:37pm
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    Welcome to the Harry Potter Forum. :)

    Some guidelines:

    No Personal Abuse.

    No off-topic threads / posts
    - It may surprise you, but this thread is only about Harry Potter. This includes the books, any related merchandise, games, rumors etc. I'd also like to see some discussion on books that may have influenced JK Rowling in the creation of her series, as well as authors you think she has influenced. There is a literature forum if you wish to discuss other books.

    No muppetry / trolling
    - any muppetry or trolling appearing on this forum will result in a warning.
    - any repeat violation will result in a banning.

    No Spoiling
    - If you are going to start a thread that will contain spoilers, please state this in the thread title. For example.
    - If the thread has no warning of spoilers within its title, please use the spoiler tags when appropriate.

    No Advertising
    - Spamming will result in warnings and bannings.

    Do not link to any pornographic sites.

    Do not link to any illegal download sites.

    Have fun young muggles. :)

    P.S. I'll leave this thread open for suggestions and any questions that may arise.


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 7,352 ✭✭✭ funky penguin

    Here at the Harry Potter Forum, we love to discuss/make up the possible directions JK Rowling will take the series in.

    When you latch onto a conspiracy/feeling of yours as to where the story is going, it's very hard to let go, especially when others see it as absurd and far fetched.

    Therefore, I'm enforcing the "Grasping at Straws Rule", which basically means you must hold onto your opinion with all your life, even when others don't agree with it's lack of evidence. Just don't say anything along the lines of:

    Is Harry really a Buddhist Monk undercover in Hogwarts trying to flush out the obvious drug problems the school is suffering due to the introduction of interstelar cocaine from the Glarblalians of Glarblalarion 8, making everyone believe they are wizards and witches?*

    *This is obviously a hyperbolic use of hyperbole.

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