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    Welcome to Band Promotion, the place to find original new Irish music.

    This is a place for you to promote your original music, as the title suggests and also to listen to other bands and have your music reviewed by your peers. This isn't a place for cover bands, tribute bands, wedding bands, promoters, etc to try to make money. This is for new music by the users of Boards.

    Some guidelines:

    Clean title threads

    This should be the name of your band only. Not "Check this out" or "Review this" or a gig date. Just the name of your act.

    One band/artist - One thread

    This is your thread. Do not create multiple threads for the same band/artist. If you have an update, update your thread. If you have a comment about a particular band, update their thread.

    Make an effort
    Try to provide more than just a link. Tell us about your music, your band, some background details. Generally the threads that get replies are the ones where the artists provide a bit of information. You'll get more hits if people have an idea of what they can expect.

    Be polite
    Any personal abuse, non-relevant crap or general muppetry is not on and will result in a banning. Be honest and fair if reviewing, avoid being spiteful. Try to be constructive.

    If you can't take criticism, don't post!

    Chances are your music will not be everyone's cup of tea. If you get upset by people not liking what you do, perhaps you ought not to post

    No merch
    Do not try to sell CD's, T-shirts, whatever here. Also do not just come to post a thread about a gig and nothing else, that's what the gigs/events forum is for. These threads will be deleted. This is a free platform to get your music heard. Do not abuse it.

    No bumping
    Don't just come here to bump. If you have any news to post, please do. If you have a gig coming, feel free to update. If you have some new music you'd like to have reviewd, by all means. Bumping for bumping's sake will not be viewed kindly.

    No obscene/offensive/vile material
    Boards is open to every age group and, as such, anything I deem to have crossed the line of acceptability will be removed and the poster will be permanently banned from the forum - there will be no warnings. This also includes the content of any sites you may link to. While not wanting to enforce censorship here, posters should use a bit of cop on as to what will cause distress and what won't.

    No company shills
    This is for bands and artists, not for record companies be they indie or major. This forum is for bands or artists who are Boards users, this is not a place for free advertising for a company or promoter. Threads of this type will be deleted.

    No looking for band members/offering your services
    If you are looking to join a band or are looking for a new band member, please use the Bands & Musicians forum rather than this one.

    EDIT May2013:
    Trying to get a gig
    You are welcome to say that you are looking for gigs, provided you have promoted yourself giving all the info noted above. (And let's face it, without promoting yourself first, who is going to be interested in giving you a gig anyway?!) A bare post saying saying you want gigs without giving any other info will be deleted.

    Anyway, enough of the don'ts. Enjoy the Band Promotion forum. Use it to get your music heard and to hear new music.

    PS - anything you want altered / added to the Charter?.. All suggestions welcome!


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