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Charter AKA Chain of Command (please read)

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    First off welcome to Firefly/Serenity forum!

    I have a few rules, that I 'd like people to read and follow. Its not much, just some shiny rules is all.

    - Topics/posts that contain this will be both edited and locked. If you wish to buy ad space, contact DeVore.

    Abuse of an other poster/actor in the show or the production team will not be allowed. Any posts of this nature will be edited and the user will be informed to read this post..

    As always, spam will not be allowed. That is what after hours is for after all. Spam posts will be locked and or deleted.

    Please I can not stress enough, use spoiler tags when talking about TV episodes, The movie and the Comic books. Also put *spoilers* in the title of the post so people will know what to expect.

    Of course is a family site. So post's containing images or links to porn will not be aloud. Any posts found containing either will be edited/deleted and the user banned from the forum.

    Please enjoy the forum and lets have fun discussing a show we all enjoy (some people enjoy it more than others.. they are the scary Star Trek types)

    PS...Also remember the Chain of Command

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