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Stupid mouse question

  • 12-03-1999 11:13am
    Moderators, Category Moderators, Technology & Internet Moderators Posts: 6,266 mod MiCr0

    my mouse is no longer working in X
    whats the regular mouse setup
    is it a ms serial or what?


    ps i know its a stupid question.... i just can't remember


  • thanx
    thats the one...

  • if it connects to your computers com port, its a serial mouse (bus mouse) .
    if it has a round plug that connects to the ps2 port, its "standard ps2 port mouse" (probably)

    i dont know if linux has usb support.
    sure usb is a load of ****e anyway smile.gif

  • Linux will have USB support as and from its next release i'm reliably told wink.gif

  • Dave my clueless freind again to the clue bucket you go smile.gif cat Dave > /dev/null

    THe USb stuff... Theres a guy working on usb , enough of it works so that the iMAC k/b and mouse can be used ( The guy writing the code noticed his code barfed after plugging in the 7th mouse =) ) Alan Cox is working a bit on USB - think its his next major project after i20.... Anyway I doubt we'll see USb until 2.2.20 or 2.3.x at least ...

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