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My Fave Vegetarian Sandwich

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    This is a delicious vege sandwich which most meat eaters should enjoy. Central ingredient is a large open face field mushrom which have an almost steak-like quality.

    Preparing this sandwich is simple in the extreme. You need:

    1. A good sized piece of bread. A nutty bap is ideal.
    2. A large open faced field mushroom. As big as you can get; 4-5" diameter is good. I find Tesco's the best spot in Galway to get really good sizeed ones.
    3. Loads of garlic butter. You can buy it or make it yourself - mash 2-3oz of butter, a clove or two of garlic and some parsley and you're done.
    4. Fill the mushroom with the garlic butter, season liberally with salt and pepper and put it into a medium hot oven on a tray.
    5. I think that mushrooms benefit from a good cooking so don't take it out of the oven too soon. Keep your eye on it and when it looks well cooked through (perhaps 10-15mins) remove it from the oven.
    6. Dip the cut surface of the bap in the lovely garlicky butter which is now overflowing onto the tray.
    7. Spread some Dijon or American mild mustard on the bap and pop the mushroom in.
    8. Open a beer, pop on the telly and enjoy. Keep something handy to wipe your chin!