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  • 07-07-2005 3:08pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 465 ✭✭ drunkenfool

    Is that helix student night idea finished, or have they plans for next year? Cause its a damn good venue, and in my opinion the university and students dont get enough use of it. Why is it in DCU, could have built something for the students, what a waste of space.


  • Its finished .... Not enough tickets were sold for the 2nd and 3rd nights of it. I didn't think it was great to be honest. There is excellent shows on there. You should check them out.

  • I heard at the end of the year that they're still planning on giving it another go next year but less frequently than initially planned. It only happened once or twice this year and both sold out and were very successful, the only reason it didn't continue was because of silly Irish schoolgirls dancing or something like that.

  • Yes they're meant to be resuming it but only a couple of times throughout the year. The venue isnt really suited for a nightclub imo - too many wide open spaces, only the one bar, too bright, rubbish dancefloor etc...

    They'll be keeping the idea of having to buy tickets before the night however which is the events biggest downfall to be honest... :rolleyes:

  • only the one bar

    Don't they use the 1st and 2nd floors and bars?
    They'll be keeping the idea of having to buy tickets before the night however which is the events biggest downfall to be honest... :rolleyes:

    Ah that is a pain in the ass. I guess it means they can cancel the night if it looks like its not going to be busy enough. Sillyness.

  • Well I was only there on the first night and the bar was an unmitigated disaster. The only one open was on the ground floor, and most of the bar staff didnt know what was going on. I remember ordering a Fat Frog for myself and a mate and the girl came back with 3 bottles and 1 glass... :confused:

    Now they may have opened the other floors for the other night but its the other things that really turned me off the place to be honest.

    Thats eactly the reason they have the ticket system however most people just like turning up somewhere and leaving if its empty, not being tied to going to a place nearly a week in advance!

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  • They were trying to get "plush girls" or something to be waitresses because the place only has one bar afaik. Also, for the summer ball they had an extra portable bar type thing, maybe they could get. I never got to go myself, but it'd be nice, add a bit of spirit to the place, so here is hoping it does go off next year.

  • Yea it was one of the "plush girls" that brought me that drink. It was worth the extra 50c to avoid the massive queue! :D
    Aw too bad you couldnt go, at least you couldnt get anymore pictures of me! :)