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I Am The Charter, Read Me First

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    entropi and artanevilla are the current moderators of this forum, please PM them if you have any questions in relation to the charter.


    The process for banning is as follows:
    First offence is a week ban, second is a month ban and third is a permanent ban.
    There are some exceptions to these rules. If you breech any of the first three rules you skip the first ban and go straight to a month ban followed by a permanent ban.

    The Rules/Guidelines

    1) DO NOT TALK ABOUT LECTURERS ON THIS FORUM. This is the most important rule at the moment as it is constantly being ignored and it has serious repercussions for boards. People have several times in the past posted abusive material about lecturers and berated them online. This just cannot happen and is not fair towards the lecturers, boards or the mods. I would like people to refrain from posting lecturers names at all if possible. I know there are cases when mentioning peoples name can be acceptable but they are very rare these days, so be careful. If you have any questions about this pm the forum moderator/s for advice.

    2) Apart from lecturers, an attack on people of a personal nature and abusing people based on their posts is a month ban. You can criticise a person if you disagree with them and healthy discussion is encouraged. But attacks with a barrage of insults and unwarranted abuse will be reviewed by the mods and we will make a decision. If you feel you are being attacked and receiving abuse from someone on the board please let us know.

    3) All topics and posts should be relevant to IT Carlow, living in Carlow, student life etc.

    3) No talk about illegal software download or distribution. This includes talk about torrents, or any file sharing programs, whether they are run within the college or at home. Everyone should know by now that this is not tolerated on boards at all so this is why a month ban is imposed.

    4) No talk about abusing the college network. This includes talking about any network vulnerabilities that could be exploited or performing any activities that breach the college network usage terms.

    5) Keep the threads on topic. If someone asks about the availability of wheelchair access in the college I’m sure they do not want to be reading about your opinions on the heating system in the Killeshin center 4 posts later. If you have another topic for discussion, create another thread.

    6) Keep the spam to a minimum; I know we joke about it and its fun sometimes. But there are threads out there specifically for spam and long running jokes, keep it to the relevant area. Any spamming or threads just because you are bored is not acceptable.

    7) There is to be no posting of phone numbers and names associated with them publically. If I see them, your post will be edited and they will be removed. If for example, you have accommodation available that would suit Carlow IT students, then you may mention it in a relevant and up to date thread. If someone is interested in accommodation and there is someone offering, then contact by private message should take place from that point onward.

    8) Strictly no commercial advertising on the forum, this includes the advertising of student discounts.
    Regulation of non-commercial advertising, such as the sale of second hand books is as the discretion of the moderators.

    9) Please do no use the forum for college work, this includes essays, projects and surveys.

    10) In terms of accommodation, see here for questions relating to housing, and here for flat/house shares.
    There should be no blatant advertising of housing however.

    11) As per usual, all Boards.ie terms and conditions also apply.

    Again, any questions, entropi and artanevilla are the moderators.


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