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Conspiracy Theories

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    Anyone who believes all those conspiricy theories is an idiot.
    Anyone who refuses to believe any of them is a far greater idiot.

    This is one that got my attention and I have subsequently done a lot of digging/cross referencing etc.
    There appears to be something to it. It's the same as what happened in the 20s in the US with the demonisation and then criminalisation of Marrijuana for purely economic reasons (Dupont and the pharmaceutical industry).
    Truth be told, this is bugging the **** outta me. I've tried to write it off as a load of crap but nothing I've found has convinced me it is. In which case it is monsterous. How many of u know ppl dying/dead from cancer ?
    I'll say no more for the mo but I would like others to read a bit about it and let me know what they think.