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May 5th 2000 - Someone answer this then

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    Registered Users Posts: 21,265 Hobbes

    On my travels through the net I came across this little bit of information.

    Forget solar eclipes, there is supposed to be a alignment of the planets which only happens every 6000 years on May 5th 2000 (Confirmed).

    The only thing no one can agree apon is what will happen to us when this happens. Anyone know anything more about this? Supposedly magnetic polar shift (not good) to a freaky light show (stars will spin in the sky), to gravity giving out.


  • Nothing, cos there was an alignment of the planets in 1988 and we're still here. every 6000 years my ******.

  • However Jupiter was on the other side of the sun so it doesn't really count.

    Lining up from the sun is rare (6000 years), lining up in general is pretty common.

    But I reckon we are safe, least this is what this says -->

  • so how come theres no written records of things going a rseways 6000 years ago?

    if memory serves there were civilizations back then which had mastered the art of writing, and they generally tended to record astronomical events or other strange happenings. Ie: Halley's comet shows up in numerous texts every 80 years or so.

  • um probably because there isn't many "written" records from 6000 years ago smile.gif

  • The dawn of modern civilisation was said to have started around 4000BC (6000 years ago), same time of the pyramids?

    The last ice age was supposed to have ended around 10000BC (12000 years ago).

    Feel free to correct me anyone as I'm just pulling this info off the net (so it must be true smile.gif)

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  • I've heard of this - it was on some program last year on the discovery channel (so it must be even truer than the net smile.gif There are a few theories of what will happen:
    a)bugger all
    b)massive earthquakes, tidal waves and other nastiness
    c)the things you mentioned above
    d)higher than normal tides

    The guys on the T.V. said it wasn't worth worrying about, but that could all be a cover up wink.gif

    If there are no questions from the florr, lecture over.