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Which one to use? (xbox)

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    Okay, I've done 4 Xecutor2.6CE mods and have bought a SmartXX to try out. Can i just use the same bios as from my Xecutor? (bank1(512):Evox bios,bank2(512):flashbios3.3) This xbox is a 1.6

    Ideally i think we should have a sticky that discusses which bioses to use for which modchip / version.



  • Stickies for bioses bar the cromwell is dodgey at best.

    You should know where to get BIOSes already.
    They have a nice folder structure where all the major mochips have a section with bioses inside.
    Not all chips are created equal.

  • Hi,

    The M8 evox bios would be the most reliable and best starting bios for a 1.6xbox.

    Although the new xenium 2.3.0 bios, they say, is fully compable with the vast range of current modchips as it doesn't have hardware specific code.

  • mostly bios dosent matter to chip it matters to version the best to use on a 1.6 would be the evox m8 plus bios 1.6 edititon