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667 - the neighbour of the beast

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    Wasn't today supposed to be the end of the world or something? Computers crashing/ Asteroid Strike and some other stuff.


  • On the other hand, I have appeared to have been bitten on my leg by a poisonous spider and the effects were quite intresting to say the least. frown.gif

    (no I'm not joking)

  • Yep. I was waiting for the last splash, but as usual, nothing happened. Not even the last broken bits of glass from an early morning rush hour impact.

    Wow, I really thought that 1999 was going to be interesting. I mean, look at Space 1999. When I first saw that program, all those years ago... (queue seipa tone vision), 1999 looked like a force to be reckoned with. It was going to be adventurous, in a big mustache, nylon flared way. Aliens. Asteroids. Mind control, and computers with LOADS of flashing lights.

    What went wrong?

    I mean, 09.09.1999...

    I'm afraid that when I wake up on 01.01.2000 (or 01.01.2001, depending on how you look at it), that the ATMs will still work. I'll still have a humungous hangover, but the world won't have decended into chaos. And I'll be able to go to a chemists and buy 12 painkillers, instead of popping some buckshot into my trusty pump-action and seeing too those pesky looters.

    So there.

  • Look at it this way, in a few months (depending on whether you're in the 2000 or 2001 camp) it will be 2000 years from the date that some book incorrectly reckons that some dude was born. Wow.


  • If i had a quid for every day the world was supposed to be ending, i'd have at least seventeen quid by now. If its not the Y2K its the AntiChrist arising in the world of business, or 'Hister' starting World War II (if you believe Nostradamus that is).

    That or the fu<king planets lining up or some such crap, i mean WTF!!!!! Old Nostradamus may have got some stuff right, but lets face it, if I wrote down a load of predictions as vague as the crap he came out with then, I could probably predict what'll happen in the 2500's. 20-20 hindsight for the interpreters of this rubbish. I mean I was in Hodges Figgis today and what do I see?? A book asking whether or not Washington DC was built by Masons?!?!?!?!

    The major question here has to be: even if it was, who gives a flying fu<k at a rolling doughnut?? Conspiracy theorists, militias, Masons, Illuminati, its amazing, in one way humankind has advanced so far in the last few thousand years, but in other ways we're as fu<king ignorant and stupid as we were back then.

    Man, I'm glad to get that out of my system, I was in dire need of a good rant smile.gif

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  • Conspiracy sh1te is interesting tho... love all that stuff about the Egyptian pyramids and so on. I don't generally believe a word of it, but it's fun all the same smile.gif

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  • I have a book called 'Conspiracy' (natch) that I'll lend ya if you want so Rob, a v interesting read smile.gif