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    Can't believe no one else has thought of this...

    I propose the verb 'Typedef' to be a legend of Boards, in honour of its now common usage on Personal Issues, as in:-
    • I would so typedef this girl but I'm afraid and alone in my room
    • I typedefed this boy and he never called me back - why? why? why?
    • I am typedefing this girl and want to typedef her mum - should I do it?
    • I got drunk and typedefed a mate - am I gay?
    • Where is the weirdest place you've ever typedefed?
    • Hi! I'm an overfriendly newbie in love with exclaimation marks! What does typedef mean!?!

    And so on.

    We can get into what 'Walls' means later on.

    Should the word 'Typedef' be made a Boards Legend? 26 votes

    0% 0 votes
    Hell Yes
    19% 5 votes
    I just woke up and am no fit state to respond.
    80% 21 votes