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Television Board Charter - ** Updated 30/10/2010 **

  • 01-11-2003 10:32pm
    Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 2,885 Mod ✭✭✭✭ celticfc

    As the name implies, this a board is for the discussion of TV Channels and their Programming.

    The Rules:
    • There should be no spam, trolling or any general muppetry.
    • Try to be friendly & courteous to each other. If things get out of hand, offenders will be banned. (Any Abuse or Racism will not be tolerated)
    • Commercial advertising is not permitted. (Contact the Admins if you wish to place ads on the site)
    • Before starting a new thread, please check see if there is already a similar thread existing. (Duplicate threads will be removed)(if there is already a thread on one particular programme/series, do not start another)
    • Any "off topic" posts will be edited, closed or deleted without warning.
    • Remember, not everyone may have seen a TV show.
      If you are giving away plot points, please use the spoiler tag.
      To do this, put (spoiler) (/spoiler) around the text. (replace the () brackets with [] brackets.)

      It will then look like this:
      This is a spoiler
    • Don't ask where you can download/stream TV shows or give any links to them. Infact try to stay away from discussion of downloading altogether.
    • No discussion of how to access Pay-TV channels illegally.
    • NEW: No TXT SPK (please use full words and sentences)
    • Any repeat offenders of these rules, will result in them being banned.
    • All the usual rules also apply.

    New Additions - December 2008
    • Posting ANY kind of spoilers about upcoming reality shows (based on leaked news in tabloids, leaked news on websites, moles in the audience, or any other sources) will result in a 2 week instant ban from the Television forum.
    • Regurgitating news from other websites is encouraged in certain circumstances, but you must then CONTRIBUTE to the thread (and that doesn't mean putting a :D or an "I agree" comment at the end of the post). This is primarily a discussion forum, not a news forum.
    • Foul language and cursing is not allowed on this forum. Anyone swearing and using foul language will be infracted and banned for repeat offences. Using fonts to get around the swear filter will also result in action being taken by a mod.

    New Additions - June 2009
    • Please do not discuss how to capture / download streaming content from any streaming video site. This includes YouTube, RTE Player, Google Video, Metacafe, Hulu etc
    • While we're on the subject, discussing how to bypass geographical limitations to watch streaming content is also a no-no (i.e. how to watch Hulu outside the US)

    New Addition - December 2009
    • We respect people's rights to privacy and so will edit/remove any post we feel is an unnecessary invasion on privacy.

    New Additions - September 2010
    • There is a new dispute resolution procedure in place. If you feel you that have been banned unfairly, please follow the complaints procedure as outlined in this forum.
    • Just to be completely clear on the use of spoilers:
      - If a thread title has the word "Spoilers" in it, then it is OK to discuss the most recent episode (or older) without using [ spoiler ] tags.
      - If you have news about a future episode (from spoilerfix, ausiello etc.), then most people don't want to know (no, really - they prefer to be surprised by major plot developments and twists).
      - If you feel it should be posted anyway, please use [ spoiler ] tags (to give people the option of reading them or not). Also contextualise the spoiler by saying what it's about outside of the spoiler tag (Spoiler about Season Finale, Spoiler about Character Exit, etc.)
      - Links to interviews, show news etc. are OK (people can decide on whether or not to click them).
      - Posting Youtube clips of "next episode" promos is also OK in the TV forum (people can decide whether or not to watch them).
      - Bear in mind that some show-specific forums in the TV category have their own rules about where promo clips can be posted. Please check their charter if you are not sure.

    New Additions - October 2010
    • Using jumbo fonts to get your point across is just annoying. Please don't do it.

    New Addition - July 2012
    • Threads for new shows (that are months, and sometimes over a year away) are not generating discussion and are taking away from genuine discussion of shows that are actually on the air. From now on, a thread about a new show (with press releases, casting news, random links etc.) cannot be created until that show has actually aired (or at the very least, has footage). Until a show is at that stage, we will use one single thread for all announcements, pilot news, press releases, casting news, etc.

    New Addition - October 4th 2013 - updated again May 2014.

    Please don't make demeaning comments about the appearance of actors/guests that appear in your favourite soaps/tv programmes (saying things like they're ugly, flat chested etc.).

    It's not funny or clever, and will earn you a 1 week ban from this forum from this point forward.

    New Addition - January 24th, 2015.

    Only moderators are authorised to post details of card/infractions/bans in this forum. If posters engage in this practice they will incur a one week ban.

    If there are any queries/problems, you can send a PM to either Mr E or amdublin.

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