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  • 01-05-2005 8:02pm
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    Hello and Welcome to the Laptop Forum! The Four Laptops moderators are: AlmightyCushion, Dubdvd And MiCr0.

    Are you new to If so have a read of this guide to almost anything you could ever need to know! 101- A Beginners Guide.

    There are a few rules so please stick to them.


    Flaming (Blagging)
    Bad mouthing other members is not allowed on this forum or Boards so dont do it.Also no use of bad language as we do have a lot of younger members here.

    Porn (not allowed at any stage)
    Please don't, as it makes a mockery of this forum.

    Any racism of any sort will not be allowed and will be edited/deleted.

    This is not allowed at all- if you want to advertise please go through the proper channels. If you advertise/link to another website/service in your first few posts, it will be considered advertising and you will be sitebanned. Shills are instantly recognisable, so don't even think about it. Posts such as "Hey guyz, what do you think of this website?" from new users will results in an immediate ban.

    Laptop Forum is not for rubbish, so no off the topic subjects or they will be deleted.

    Thread Content
    There is no point of posting a thread if it isn’t worth while and legitimate.

    Buying & Selling
    This is a general info forum for laptops and laptop material,no buying and selling please. There is a Adverts forum please use that.

    Please do not post your phone number or your e-mail address.Use the PM system.

    Pointless recommendations
    Post that suggest a laptop that is completely unsuitable for what a thread starter requested will result in the poster getting a first and final warning. Subsequent pointless posts will result in a ban.

    Commercial Companies posting on this forum
    Generally speaking, we welcome companies posting here if they want to support their laptops, as long as they adhere to the rules that forbid any kind of sales pitch or pimping. Please have the decency to contact a moderator before hand.

    * Threads/Posts asking how to evade tax on laptops/parts purchased outside of the EU are strictly forbidden.

    * Before you start a new thread, research your question.

    * Keep replies on-topic.

    * Do not POST IN ALL CAPS or write in txt spk. Show some respect for others reading your posts!

    * Do not resurrect old threads without very good reason.

    * Do not argue with mod decisions on thread.

    Please use common sense when using this Forum and if there is any trouble PM any of the forum mods, or contact another Moderator or the Admins. If there are any suggestion on this Forum please post it or contact us and we will see what we can do.

    AlmightyCushion + Dubdvd + MiCrO

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