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xbox to pc

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    Registered Users Posts: 1,115 chrismon

    how do i connect my xbox to my pc?
    i have xbox modded, a crossover cable, flashFXP, all plugged in and dont no where to go next?
    what do i need to do, any help appreciated


  • What dashboard do you have? (the menu that comes up when you boot without any disc)

  • xbox media centre/player
    not sure which one?
    just got it back today from guy who did it for me

  • Do you know how to setup IP addresses?

    You can connect the machines two ways, via SMB (Windows Filesharing) or FTP.
    You need to turn on the FTP server on the XBox.
    Then enter in the XBox's IP into FlashFXP or whatever FTP client you have (personally I use LeechFTP) with username/password of xbox/xbox.
    Hit connect and you should be in.

  • i have the ip's on xbox set to
    and the other one thats normaly
    have pc set to the same
    using flash fxp
    do i have to do anything specific on xbox when it turned?
    i already have it enabled to be able to use flashfxp tingy

  • You need to change one address because they can't have the same ip address - I think you might have to set the PC's address as the xbox's default gateway aswell? - sorry but it's been a while since I modded mine.

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  • chrismon, I take it you don't know much about networking :)

    What you're trying to do is FTP into the XBox.
    To do this you need valid and unique IP addresses on both machines.

    IP -
    Subnet Mask -

    IP - 192.168.0.[Anything But 2]
    Subnet Mask -

    If you're using EvoX or Avalaunch dashboards or the XBMC, you can root around in the settings and enable the FTP server on the machine.
    Alternatively, you should be able to browse a WindowsXP machine's shared folders using XBMC.

    You don't need FlashFXP, it's excellent for controlling the transfer of files between two XBoxes, but LeechFTP, FileZilla or any other FTP client should work just aswell.
    The FTP server running on XBMC (or EvoX or Avalaunch - not sure which) is an Xbox port of the FileZilla FTP server.

  • thanks guys
    u helping me alot :D
    im gona try that now SyxPak
    ill let ye no the result and where i messed up this time :cool:

  • If you could describe your setup at home I could give you full instructions on how to set stuff up.
    If you have broadband I highly reccomend you enter the router's IP as the Gateway IP address and specify some DNS servers.
    A modded XBox becomes so much more when it has a net connection.

  • well i did as you said SyxPak
    im using a realtech RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC
    Crossover cable
    modded xbox
    what else do you need to no?
    it said connection failed in FlashFXP
    Im not using a router as i dont have BB :cool:

  • Do you have a firewall on chrismon cos you'll prob have to add the xbox's address to your allowed list. If not see if you can ping the xbox - start->run->cmd-> ping <-or what ever the xbox's address is...

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  • request timed out :confused:

  • .

  • any more ideas guys?
    chris :o

  • What is the default gateway set to on the xbox - try changing it to the PC's IP address...and try pinging it again..also check link lights on pc and xbosca...

  • reboot the Xbox after setting the IP.

    In EvoX you have to "enable Static IP", set the IP, Save & Exit and then reboot the XBox to be sure.
    Under Avalaunch it can be trickier. I haven't found out how to set the IP (I can enter it, but I can't "set" it if you get my meaning)
    XBMC should use the IP that the dashboard set.

    What Dashboard and XBMC versions do you have running?

  • tk123 wrote:
    What is the default gateway set to on the xbox - try changing it to the PC's IP address...and try pinging it again..also check link lights on pc and xbosca...
    When you're trying to communicate with another machine in the same subnet as yours, you don't need to set the gateway.
    The gateway IP is the machine which provides a "gateway" to other subnets/networks.

    Setting the PC to, Subnet (shorthand for this is and the Xbox to and then rebooting both should sort things.
    Ensure that you've actually set the XBox to use a static IP, as opposed to DHCP (default setting, cos most people will have a DHCP server running on their broadband router and not even know it, it's effectively plug and play for the less techy people).

  • SyxPak wrote:

    What Dashboard and XBMC versions do you have running?

    only got it there today so i assume it wud be the most recent?
    is there anyway to check?

  • I seriously suggest you sit down with the Xbox for an hour and play around with stuff, don't neccessarily change any settings, just experiment with one thing at a time and change it back to default afterwards.

    Version numbers for a dashboard or XBMC or any program should be visible either in a corner of the "home" or "root" menu screen of the program or be accessible through some other menu.

  • first of all make sure the cable is connected first then could you type 'ipconfig /all' (no quotes) into command prompt and post a screenshot or just copy and paste the results into your post please. That'll let us know what your PC settings are.

    The gateway does not apply here since you are connecting directly via crossover cable but there may be a firewall running on your PC (such as windows XP firewall or zonealarm or norton...have a look in the bottom right hand corner of your taskbar)

    Once your PC is okay and set as syxpak suggested then look at XBMC. There are 3 ways to assign an IP address using XBMC. The default is to use whatever your dashboard uses but in this case your dashboard is XBMC so this wont work, DHCP wont work either as you dont have a DHCP server on your tiny xbox-PC network so set this to static under Settings->Network->network and set it as previously suggested (no gateway/dns needed).
    then under settings->network->servers enable the ftp server (and you might as well enable the webserver if you want to play with that nice feature) and restart the xbox. Then ping it from the PC again.

    1 more thing, are you sure it's a crossover cable? check both ends of the cable for the order of the 8 wires, if they are in the same order then you have a patch lead not a crossover cable.

  • hey guys
    thanks for all the help,
    managed to get it working by mapping my network drive using the ip i put in.
    it seems alot easier than flashFXP.
    Chris :cool:

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  • FTP >> SMB when you know what you're at :)

  • Remember the XBMC webserver I mentioned? turn it on, open up a web browser on your PC and type in the IP address of your xbox, it's nice to play if only I had a PSP...