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New channel on quakenet!!!!! hotest thing EVER!!!!!!

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 422 ✭✭ adra

    remember on, I had me own channel yah??

    well I've done it again on quakenet!
    except this time it's got a bot.......(OOOOOOOOOOOOH!)
    and it's called
    i.e. real life
    so it matches this board see smile.gif
    another thing si this bot i've added......
    it's name is cdm and i modelled it on other words she's a b!tch!
    flooding has been set in it so u can't spam more than 4 lines in ten seconds smile.gif)
    i wanna do one of those email information things for both the room and here combined so if u wanna receive info or be considered as an op....reply here

    yes im bored
    and dont ask what im doing up this hour of the day!

    never even knew it existed!

    hecate ure mad!

    k im off now have a lot of travelling to do to get back home!
    so im looking forward to seeing yee in the latest, coolest place on quakenet to be!
    i prolly wont be on tonite , i stayed up all nite and i have work soon as i get back so ill prolly conk as soon as i get home tonite!!!

    im rambling, time for me to take some pills or something!