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slimline ps2 chipping

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    im soon enough getting a slimline ps2,its going to get chipped but im wondering whats the best chip available and is the chipping of the slimline ps2 reliable,what i mean is i heard that the slimline ps2 is unreiable after chipping


  • Best chip available is DMS4 IMO, just get the lite version, I ordered from Ive heard similar things about reliabillity with slimline, worst comes to worst you'll have to tweak / replace the laser no big deal. on the other hand if your planing on using a hdd it wont affect you as much (HD-connect for pstwo). I just sold my ps2 for a pstwo so Im in the same boat, havent had much time to research it (poxy exams), might fit the chip at the wkend, theres about 26 wires (52 bloody solders). Id stay away from the dms EZI install chips you'll end up opening your pstwo everytime it takes a little knock to realign the points.

    Go to for info

    Hope that covers it