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For anyone interested

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    I've started a second blog on here, where I'll be discussing random things, mostly stuff concerning my life and stuff on boards.

    My other blog is on livejournal, and I'm in the process of setting up another one which will be dedicated to posts concerning depression, living with it and basically anything I can think of to do with it!! My livejournal username is also nesf, handy that ;)

    Would people consider a blog devoted to depression a good or bad idea? Bear in mind that I wouldn't be using it to whine about how **** my life is, but rather using it to talk about dealing with it, what therapies are available and similar positive topics.

    Negativity is bad m'kay ;)


  • Heh. My personal blog tends to vary between moaning and dealing, as well as having everything else thrown in for good measure - kinda like my life, an enormous hodge-podge and chaotic mess :)

    Blogs on living and dealing with depression, that put the process in a positive light and show that the person actually is trying to work out of what's happening, are very very very uncommon, I personally would welcome the sight of more of them. I suffer from manic depression myself, and it's hard to keep to the "dealing" side of things, but I do whenever and wherever possible :)

    I work on a site where myself and two friends review blogs that people submit - the vast VAST majority of what we see coming in to our site are the b*tch-whine attention-seeking ones where the blog's owner has become a victim of the latest fashion craze - that being the "I'm depressed, watch me cut myself, now I belong" craze. Okay, maybe not THAT new, but it's become frighteningly prevalent in the last while. More blogs dealing with this kind of situation in a more sensible and/or positive way would be SUCH a good thing.

  • That's the thing about blogs. You decide what you write about, if it's for business or! Marketing sociocultural issues etc, then you need to consider your audience. If not, write how and when you please