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Solderless chip with direct boot


  • Its solderless alright, but from past experience with mods like this you`ll have a hell of a time getting those contact pads to line up properly . A right pain! ;)

  • im sure its a heck of alot better then soldering though. Ive looked at the instructions and it shouldnt be too hard. Im wary about cutting one of the chips though :eek:. At 60~ish Euro its the best deal Im going to get.
    What chips have you used which are similar to this one? I thought it was a first.

  • ps2-magic-clip-v210-200.jpg

    Thats a magicV with clip kit.. A nightmare :)

  • My first bit of soldering in about 2 years was on my mate's xbox with an iron that was too powerful, and it was a 1.6b. I soldered the whole thing and it worked first time.

    And you're having doubts about your ability to do a touch-pad installation?

    Dude, go with a proper solder job. Far more reliable. Practice desoldering components off junk electronics boards. And spend a few quid in maplin on a 15W soldering iron and a pair of medium and tiny sized heads.

    Or if you're in Galway, PM me and I'll do it for you.

  • A PS2 mod is alot harder than a Xbox mod.

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  • ps2-magic-clip-v210-200.jpg

    Thats a magicV with clip kit.. A nightmare :)

    that looks terrible alright.. my solderless xbox mod was a peice of piss

  • get yourself a flux pen, even though most solder has flux in it, it helps a lot

    i havent modded a console yet, but used to rework Cisco gear and I swear by the flux pen!

    this little fella will pull you out of all sorts of trouble. This and some IPA to clean and your laughing.

  • Thanks for the offer syxpak but Im in Dublin. :/ Soldering is pretty much out the window. Darkmaster that makes me want to puke. I think the only was its gonna happen is with that dms4 chip. The installation seems to be a tad easier then that magicV dealy.

  • Its gonna cost you 80Euro Delivered just for the chip and clips alone. Thats very expensive. I can do you a cut price deal on a soldered chip installation if you want, or SyxPak said he would help you too. Trust me, you`ll be better off. What version is your PS2?

  • I never really saw the point in chipping PS2s myself, aside from playing 'wierd' media and backups of your games, it's kinda limited.

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  • A lot of people get the PS2 chipped for imports, You`ld be suprised the amount of people who import ps2 games from the U.S.

  • Ive a version 5 ps2. Id love to get one of yiz to do it, but Im on the other side of the country. Would you like to come up to Dublin to do it? :)

  • Id say just buy the solderless chip, dont listen to these people. And dont go near a soldering Iron with a PS2 , seriously , especially not yourself. Are you sure. U could go for a case that opens top up, its the easiest but you do need swap disks....

  • And dont go near a soldering Iron with a PS2 , seriously , especially not yourself.

    Yeah PS2's will make complete shíte of a soldering iron in the wrong hands. :D:D:D

    Sorry Citizen_Erased, I couldn't stop laughing at that typo. ;)

    On the topic of soldering chips,I used to solder most days in my old job and thought this will be walk in the park.I couldn't have been more wrong.
    Tried the chip without the clip kit and gave up before I recked the board.
    Much easier with the kit,only 7 wires to solder(if I remember).
    And all done with a very low wattage iron from maplin.
    I'd agree 100% with SouperComputer about the flux pen. Very handy for this type of work.You don't want to leave the tip of the iron on the board waiting for the flux in the solder to kick in.You'll only end up lifting the print of the board. I came close to ruining a section of print and burnt the side of a surface mounted transistor.I don't know to this day how the thing still works.

    Not a job to be rushed into if you decide to to it yourself.
    The correct iron,tips and flux pen are all a must.
    (Tiny fingers help too :D:D )

  • Thyat wasent a typo , though you wont believe me, it is just a more interesting way of writing things i do all the time. But you probably wont beieve me anyways...

  • Sorry didn't mean to make fun or anything.
    Everyone has there own style.
    Everyone has a style of there own.
    Loads of different ways to say the same thing. ;)

    Thyat wasent a typo

  • Ill either have it done by darkmaster or get the one mentioned above. Still havent made up my mind. Cheers for the replies.

  • Well for my tuppence worth darkmaster has done mine 15 months ago and a lot of my friends in cork and i have no problem recommending him and i had the console back next day and its still going perfect.

    Its well worth getting someone in the know for this stuff.I too solder often at work but wouldnt attempt this myself.

    Anyway thats my thoughts on it,

    Regards kieran

  • Does anyone know where I can get a new laser for a slim PS2. I think the matrix infinty chip in it burnt it out